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comment With the ESTA visa-waiver for the US, what if you have a reason to need more than 90 days?
B1 is for business, B2 is personal.
comment is it wrong to have different passports of the same country with same photo but different names?
In the US it's quite possible for the average guy to get two, not just diplomats. The second is only good for two years and they'll have the same name/age etc as the original.
comment UK Visit Visas Refused Due to Evaluation Oversights and Similar Errors
Since you can reapply there is little reason for them to have an appeals process.
comment Missed a connection due delayed baggage
You were asking for it, booking a two hour connection when you have to clear immigration and customs. Of nearly 20 international arrivals I think I would have made this connection only once. (The limiting factor being the time they stop accepting bags for the outgoing flight.)
comment Where can I travel on a suspended US passport, assuming I've already left my home country?
Even if you can travel without being caught in time your passport will run out. Don't expect a judge to be sympathetic when you get home!
comment Why do some tourist attractions forbid tourists to take photographs?
Add: Exhibit Impact: Ecological -- Flash photography might disturb local wildlife. You can't photograph the bat flight at Carlsbad Caverns for this reason.
comment Compensation for denied boarding due to baggage delay
If it were only Delta I would lay out the facts to the Department of Transportation and see what they say. Unfortunately, with Cathay Pacific in this case I'm not sure where you stand.
comment Consequences of being arrested by mistake in the USA
But you can be read your rights without being arrested. I'm not sure he was ever actually arrested.
comment Laptop Searches by Customs - UK and US
@user626528 Kiddie porn
comment Why do children sometimes cost more than adults when booking vacations?
While I don't know why could this be a matter of room availability? Only certain rooms are suitable for 2 adults + baby and you're looking at a day with high demand for those rooms?
comment Taking a photo in a US supermarket
Yeah, in the old days taking pictures cost money, snaps were for competitive reasons. Now, with cameras everywhere that cost basically zero to operate there's an awful lot more convenience picture-taking. I've taken many a snap in the store and have never been challenged. Usually it's a matter of asking my wife if she wants the deal pictured, on occasion we have done it for comparison reasons like when we were replacing the kitchen faucet.
comment Airlines actions for overbooking a flight
Second Tom's comment--I've volunteered multiple times but never actually been bumped. The reality is that in general there will be people with non-urgent travel needs. For adequate compensation they'll take a later flight.
comment 72h visa free transit BEIJING - HONG KONG - THAILAND - BEIJING - PARIS
That's my understanding, also. You'll need to prove the ongoing flight but so long as you can do stuff it will work.
comment Is there a website that can show the best deals for roundtrip flights separated by a certain number of days?
United's website provides this functionality but not for every possible duration. Since it only searches United and partner flights it's not really an answer, though.
comment Renting a Manual Car in the US
A large number of people in America don't know how to drive stick. Rent a manual and you're likely to have the clutch beat up.
comment Is it safer to drive up or down a dangerous mountain road?
@Mehrdad When you brake that energy goes somewhere. Unless you're driving a hybrid or electric that somewhere is heat. The brakes get hot. When they get hot enough they quit working properly. I've been a passenger in a collection of problems pretending to be a truck that had this happen--multiple miles at about 45 mph on a poor dirt road, topped off with a military checkpoint at the bottom of the hill. Fortunately they realized we were a runaway rather than trying to crash their checkpoint.
comment Is it prohibited to lie down (and fall asleep) on a commercial flight?
Yup, I've been on one very empty very long flight (no idea why, there was no weather event I was aware of) and they encouraged us to spread out to sleep better.
comment Visiting national parks in the USA in Jan-Feb
It all comes down to how severe an environment you're willing to accept. I've been on roads in national parks that will cease to be roads when the snow comes (there will be no attempt to plow) but the park per se remains open. I've been in national parks where there's nobody at the entrance when it's late but the road remains open. (Obviously you can't pay in that case, you're only supposed to enter then if you have already paid or have some sort of pass.)
comment Does night-driving-friendly, polarized eye-wear exist?
I've never seen lenses that were both tinted and polarized. What looks like tint on a polarized lens is the fact that it's rejecting the light that doesn't match it's polarization. Thus I think you're on a hopeless quest.
comment Are battery packs allowed in hand luggage?
20,000 mA-hr @ 5 volts is 100 W-hr--right at the limit.