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comment Is there any region, island, mountain, or village in Japan known for hot spicy local cuisine?
On the ramen front, tantanmen is a ramen variant with a lot of chilli oil. I don't think it's a regional speciality though, just another classic Japanized Chinese dish - the Japanese version of dandan noodles.
comment What's the quickest way from London Kings Cross to Euston, by foot or tube?
That's fair, Smalltown2k - it's a toss-up from the furthest platforms, especially if the station's busy; I've been wondering since I posted it whether I should have qualified the answer. There's also the option of using the Underground station's pedestrian subways to avoid wasting time waiting at the crossing, but that's probably not such a good idea if you're not familiar with the layout - plenty of scope for disorientation underground. (And thanks, dlanod!)
comment What are the mobile plan options for a short-term (6 month) visit to the UK?
Just commenting to clarify that the 250 minutes etc. are what you get for a £10 "goodybag", which is valid for a month. It's a good idea to have a bit of additional credit on the account so that you can make calls that aren't included in the free minutes, or send texts to non-UK numbers. You may need a UK-registered credit or debit card in order to activate your account after receiving the SIM.