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comment How do you buy the right train ticket in the UK?
On certain train companies' machines, I've seen an information screen like that at the end of the ticket selection process, and I'm pretty sure it mentions the peak-time restrictions on cheap day returns - but it's a full screen of text that's only shown for a few seconds before it's covered by an only slightly smaller popup demanding that I confirm my ticket choice and proceed to payment. So it's not as helpful as they meant it to be.
comment Round trip in Netherlands, Belgium and Germany with a car and a tent
@Goethe: If you decide to explore the Netherlands by train instead, the main Dutch railway company (NS) has a "Dagkaart" (day ticket), which lets you travel on as many NS trains as you like on the day of purchase. I can't find the information on the English-language site, but here is the Dutch page about the Dagkaart. At present it costs a little over €50 for a second-class ticket - only a couple of euros more than a day return ticket from Amsterdam to Groningen.
comment Compare train ticket prices in Britain
Fantastic answer! Perhaps worth adding that the ticket machines found in stations don't offer as wide a range of tickets as the ticket offices - for instance, they only sell tickets for the same day or (in at least some cases) the next morning's peak period. It's safest to turn up early and queue for the ticket office if you want anything other than a simple ticket for immediate travel.
comment Is there any region, island, mountain, or village in Japan known for hot spicy local cuisine?
On the ramen front, tantanmen is a ramen variant with a lot of chilli oil. I don't think it's a regional speciality though, just another classic Japanized Chinese dish - the Japanese version of dandan noodles.
comment What's the quickest way from London Kings Cross to Euston, by foot or tube?
That's fair, Smalltown2k - it's a toss-up from the furthest platforms, especially if the station's busy; I've been wondering since I posted it whether I should have qualified the answer. There's also the option of using the Underground station's pedestrian subways to avoid wasting time waiting at the crossing, but that's probably not such a good idea if you're not familiar with the layout - plenty of scope for disorientation underground. (And thanks, dlanod!)
comment What are the mobile plan options for a short-term (6 month) visit to the UK?
Just commenting to clarify that the 250 minutes etc. are what you get for a £10 "goodybag", which is valid for a month. It's a good idea to have a bit of additional credit on the account so that you can make calls that aren't included in the free minutes, or send texts to non-UK numbers. You may need a UK-registered credit or debit card in order to activate your account after receiving the SIM.