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comment In which developed countries (other than the US) does the price tag not usually show the final price to be paid?
The bulk of those 36 countries are EU, where its inclusion is mandatory.
comment Can I drive a Dutch friend's car in the Netherlands?
Comments are getting off-topic. AVee's answer focuses on insurance companies rules, rules which are indeed limited by the EU/EEC non-discrimination clauses. Traffic violations are a whole different branch of (EU) law.
comment Is it safe for a commercial flight to have Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan on its flight route?
@OrangeDog: Mark's answer mentions terrorism. The plane over Ukraine was almost certainly shot down by the Russians, possibly masquerading as Ukrainian separatists. As Dan noted, this kind of heavy SAM's is owned and operated by governments.
comment Can I carry Homeopathic medicines and uncooked rice to Germany?
Doesn't matter what anyone believes but the German government. They set the rules. So if they decide it's not medicine, then for custom reasons it is not. The notion is called a "legal fiction".
answered What happens if you cannot pay for a hotel?
comment Where can I eat dishes that feature in western countries' Chinese restaurants?
@Bernhard: That's fairly specific to the Netherlands (who were the former colonial power in Indonesia) but not elsewhere. And even in the Dutch case one has to account for the Chinese minority which lived in Indonesia. I suspect the British may have similar influences due to their former influence in South East Asia.
comment For fear of flying is drinking alcohol a healthier option than pills?
@Relaxed: Arsenic tolerance does differ between persons, you do build up immunity. That's because it happens to be part of your natural diet in areas where Arsenic is common in the soil. Similarly, humans have evolved enzymes to deal with alcohol as it's not that rare in our historic diets.
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comment Do I have to buy my travel insurance in the UK?
@Annoyed: The rules for state agencies are stricter than for private entities. The EU formally has a single internal market, and countries are not allowed to discriminate based on place of residence.
comment Do I have to buy my travel insurance in the UK?
Could you provide a source for that last claim? The EU has very few rules that would allow a state agency such as a financial regulator to discriminate against EU citizens, especially since financial services are explicitly liberalized.
answered Do I have to buy my travel insurance in the UK?
comment What is the difference between customs and immigration?
Most non-airport borders work that way.
comment Arrivals forms or customs agents may ask if you packed your own bags. Must I pack them myself or is it OK to answer in the negative to this question?
@hippietrail: that sounds like it will result in more questioning, possibly to the point where you miss the plane. (E.g. if they try to contact that friend to corroborate that story). Remember, the security staff doesn't care if you miss your plane, but they do care if they miss something fishy. Better safe than sorry from their side.
comment Why are airline passengers asked to lift up window shades during takeoff and landing?
IIRC, one of the things is that you must be able to evacuate to one side if the other is on fire. Having the windows open helps in figuring out which side is on fire.
comment If, like Edward Snowden, your passport was revoked/cancelled, how can you travel?
@Karlson: As the Nuremberg trials established, human rights are self evident. And that was before they were explicitly codified. That's also why it's not a treaty, and why the US never ratified the declaration: ratification would imply that non-signatories would not be bound by them. US judges are thus bound by them regardless of the text of the US constitution.
comment If, like Edward Snowden, your passport was revoked/cancelled, how can you travel?
The last sentence doesn't make sense. That's an inalienable right (article 13.2 UDHR, 1948). E.g. the US cannot revoke Snowden's right to return.
comment What is the cheapest and most direct route from the UK to Malawi?
There do not seem to be any regular flights to Lilongwe anymore.
comment Do I need to have an electrical converter for small devices when traveling from the US to São Paulo?
I've made adapters myself by replacing the connector on a power strip.
comment What happens if you cannot pay for a hotel?
Hold my passport? My passport is not my property, it's government property. I'm allowed to hand it over for inspection, they can make a copy, and that's it. If their laws absolutely insist I must hand it over, then it's simply no deal.
answered Which ski resorts in western Europe offer free lifts (intended for families)?