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comment Road Conditions on drive from Washington, DC to Quebec City over Christmas
For long-range weather prognostication, consult the Farmer's Almanac weather page for US Northeast. It's as good as you want to care for it to be.
comment What age do I have to be to visit New York City's Times Square Ball Drop?
Given the crowd, and the opportunity, keep your valuables close, or better yet, in your room. This is America, Land of the Free (for the taking).
comment Can I return a rental car early?
@Gagravarr - Fair enough. I was writing from my experience. I acknowledge I don't know everything about renting cars. Modified my answer respectively.
comment I live in the United States and I want to drive to Winnipeg Canada
Also, as a side note, your friend is a minor, you'll need the proper consent of the parent(s).
comment Did not declare jewelry from Aruba
Well, the only one who committed a crime here, that can still be prosecuted here, is YOU. Make the declaration first and pay any fine(s), then pursue the Aruban jeweler possibly through diplomatic channels.
comment What building is this?
I had a walkthrough on Google maps just to see the size of this.
comment Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?
@LessPop_MoreFizz - Plus it is unbelievably expensive without discount or coupons.
comment ETA for Australia after got denied evisitor visa
Apparently SHE seems to have been denied a visa for Australia, then the ETA website gave her one, and SHE wants to go to NZ, after an Australia vacation. Will SHE have troubles? Denied/Not Denied - which prevails? I think SHE's OK.
comment ETA for Australia after got denied evisitor visa
@Karlson - WHV = Working Holiday Visa. I think she wants to vacation in Australia on the way to taking the job in New Zealand. ETA = Electronic Travel Authority. Valid for trips of up to three months, an ETA is automatically linked to your passport once approved.
comment What is the quality of the rafting on the Nile at a Jinja after the damming of Bujagali Falls
Did they really condemn these falls to hell? You probably meant the other damming (to create a dam), but my edits were rejected as too minor.
comment Where is the safest place in a train?
Regardless of whether any of this is undisputed truth, I agree with most except the red light. Just seems a bit much.
comment Are Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras Permitted in the Empire State Building?
DSLR: Digital Single Lens Reflex = digital camera with allowable lens interchange and focus manipulation
comment Grand Canyon in a day
Depending on your definition of a day and how you plan to experience the canyon, I advise a trip I took a few years ago via the Grand Canyon Railway. It includes an overnight in Williams Arizona, departs to the Grand Canyon for touring, with an overnight at the canyon and a return trip the following day. The train ride is an entertainment value in itself.
comment Why is public transport from/to the airport so expensive?
In Philadelphia, PA, taking the train (SEPTA) to the airport is one of the most economical ways to get there. Last time I did this, I believe it was $6 USD from the city.
comment If I visit Los Angeles, am I better off renting a car or not?
See this answer for supporting opinions:
comment How good is Public Transport In the USA?
I found out about LA public transportation from the bad end. I was spending a holiday weekend in Claremont, outside the city, wanting to take the train roundtrip to downtown for sightseeing on foot. The posted schedules were very inaccurate, because AFTER having purchased the ticket from the kiosk, I saw a flyer showing that the next inbound was not for nearly 2 hours. Undoing the transaction was not possible (they were actually combative on the phone), and it cost me to NOT see the city this way. Everything out there pushes people into an automobile. No way around it.