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comment What's the cheapest SIM card with Internet for smartphone in Czech Republic?
As a local O2 user, I can confirm this: once you go over the data limit, you'll be throttled to GPRS speeds (some 8 KB/s on average), but you are not cut off from the service. I have used it for exactly this purpose, and while slow, it is still usable.
comment Paying with Euro in Czech Republic
Update for 2014: vending machines still don't take Euros :(
comment Is there a reason to prefer the bus to the train in the Czech Republic?
For getting to Brno, flying to Vienna is usually the better option (100 km bus ride from VIE, 200 km from PRG; both direct routes). Of course, not all airlines fly to Prague or Vienna - that might be the deciding factor.
comment How to get from Prague to Punkva caves and Macocha abyss?
There are also direct trains from Prague to Blansko; this might be slightly cheaper than the above. You may then want to take a bus from the train station, or take a walk (a few km). Try the "Trains+Buses+Public transport" timetable at jizdnirady.cz - this will find both options, mine and @Lex Vjatkin's.
comment Why would you wrap your luggage in plastic?
@neilfein: Not at all! See, you need to have a luggage in a luggage in your luggage (which is then wrapped) for the optimal level of protection ;)
comment Sell a pair of blue jeans and live like a king for a week: Still possible in Europe?
Hm, I wouldn't call that a fundamental change of the market though (as in, "from planned economy to free market" or "teh market, now with teh internets"); rather, a change in the market - and not an unusual one, really.
comment Sell a pair of blue jeans and live like a king for a week: Still possible in Europe?
@jwenting: Where, here? Alas, the prices of jeans are low worldwide, as they're mass-produced in China; not really sure how this is relevant to the question.