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comment Advantages of traveling from Lima to Cusco by bus vs. plane?
I agree with Mark. If you want to visit and experience Peru, take the bus. If you just want to visit Machu Picchu, then fly. I met several people in Cusco that flew in and had problem with the altitude. Taking the bus does not mean you wont have any problems with it but its a bit less likely. If you are short on time, I think it's better to spend a day on a bus and be okay than flying and may be sick for days.
comment Can you receive an Australian passport stamp if you ask?
All good and welcome information, but it doesn't answer the actual question. From my experience at other borders where one usually doesn't get a stamp. If you ask nicely you can get one.
comment Christmas eve advice for a backpacker thinking of flying in to Germany
I think shops are open more than 36 days a year, even in Germany :-)
comment Transit visa in India for a French Citizen?
I assume the new rule is for visa issued after Dec 4th, he already has a visa that says otherwise.
comment Can we get a new visa waiver in Canada, for Alaska, when our old one expires in the US?
I agree, telling the story about driving from Argentina may help, but it's totally up to the border official. I would be to uncertain for me.
comment Is a German BahnCard valid in Switzerland?
comment Language culture and Food culture in South India?
It's not hard to find meat (except beef) dishes in restaurants at all, fish too. It's just that in some areas more than half of the restaurants were vegetarian. It's great for vegetarians, if you want meat you just have to look for the 'non-veg' sign outside the restaurant.
comment Language culture and Food culture in South India?
I only order food I don't know when I am vegetarian, which I was in India. As long as I know it is vegetarian, I can eat anything. I'm more careful when meat is involved. In Southern India it is easier to find a Vegetarian restaurant than one serving any meat.
comment Language culture and Food culture in South India?
A few times I didn't like one of the sauces that came with a Thali, but I wouldn't know the names. You just ask for more of the other sauces.
comment If I renew my passport do I get 10 years from the expiration date or 10 years from the renewal date?
What's your nationality?
comment Taking expensive camera gear to a South America trip?
My camera was in my day-pack and they stole the whole bag from between my legs while sitting in an internet cafe without me noticing anything. It was my own fault for not being more careful, but this could have happened anywhere.
comment Land transportation between Asunción, Paraguay and Santiago, Chile
@todofixthis - locals in this case meant Argentinians and Paraguayans, but not people from third countries. I'm not sure if a local residency would have helped.
comment What is the cheapest hostel in the world?
The cheapest guest house I stayed in was cheaper than the cheapest hostel. Does it have to be a hostel?
comment What's the difference between embassies and consulates?
good explanation. I would just add that as a traveler even if you are at an embassy, you will go to the consular section of that embassy, because they deal with passports and visa. There is often a separate entrance for the consular section used by the public, while the main entrance is for official guests.
comment How to get to Battambang from Siem Reap?
I don't remember how much we paid. My Lonely Planet from 2008 lists US$15, by now that may be $20 or more. That's quite expensive for Cambodia because it is only for tourists.
comment Can I buy malaria medication in India?
@escist - I used Odomos all the time, it seem to work pretty well.
comment What's the most comfortable way to travel with 2 backpacks or bags and a DSLR camera?
+1 this is exactly what I do.
comment Is it possible to travel to Cuba by sea (from e.g. Mexico)?
Oops, I should have investigated more. I'm sure I've seen some cruise ships when I was on Cuba in 2004, but you are right they are not American. The BBC has a bit about this:
comment Key vs. combo lock security for international travel
Over five years of constant traveling and locking my backpack I noticed two occasions where people tried to break my combo locks. They got bent a bit and I had to replace one of them later but they didn't succeed in breaking them. I'm not saying they can't be broken, but not by every kid.
comment Comparative safety of countries in Central America
I spent a few hours in Colon during the day, it was fine. People were friendly and it was quite different from the rest of Panama. During that day there were three bank robberies though and the police had blocked all the roads out of town. Most yachts to Columbia leave from the San Blas islands and you don't have to go to Colon for that.