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I am a political science student at Haverford College, an amateur cook (http://181c.wordpress.com), an enthusiastic traveler (http://hostelhopping.wordpress.com), and an unexpected techie.

comment Is there a bus from San Francisco to Sonoma?
I wound up getting a ride from Sonoma to Petaluma and then catching the Golden Gate Transit bus back to my hostel.
comment What do I need to know or do in order to rent a car in Spain?
I had a friend who was pulled over in BCN without an IDL and was fined 250 euros. The scooter company he rented from didn't ask, so he assumed. Always have a license!
comment Is it advisable for US citizen to attempt a visit to Cuba w/o going through an agency?
Could you provide more information about the services you're talking about and what services they provide?