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Issues that arise from having more than one passport, usually during immigration and visa processing.
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A country in Western Europe, bordering Belgium, Germany and the North Sea.
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Travelling over a large distance in a car. Usually through multiple states, provinces, or countries.
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A landlocked country in Western Europe. Switzerland's biggest and most important cities are Zurich, Berne, Geneva and Basel.
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normal at home may be unusual or strange in another country, and vice versa. What's different and how to avoid problems.
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Questions regarding prevalent weather and climates at various places on Earth.
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A large Spanish speaking country in North America bordering USA to the north and Guatemala and Belize to the south
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Changing money and travellers cheques from one currency to another.
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For questions about location of specific place or location of longest/highest/biggest/the most... place/thing on Earth.
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Ferries carry passengers, vehicles, and cargo across bodies of water.
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more interesting than useful.
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For questions relating to the European Union as an economic and political entity.
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Combining travelling and learning
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Organized tours as opposed to travelling or seeing things on your own. See also the "guides" tag.
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Anything related to buying specific products (food, art) or in specific places
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an outdoor activity. It's primary focus is on walking around in the nature, especially in mountain regions.
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How to access the internet when traveling. This is not for content on the internet, use the tag 'online-resources' instead.
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the capital and largest city of the Netherlands.
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Accommodation in tents or caravans / trailers.
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One of 7 emirates of the United Arab Emirates; it is also the name of the capital city of Dubai.
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A capitalist democratic country in East Asia more well known for its technology industry than tourism. Usage of [tag:south-korea] is intended for South Korea; for questions specifically about its nort…
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What does a certain travel-related term mean or what's the proper name for something you can describe?
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Equipment, devices, and more—if you pack it, it's travel gear.
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Issues related to the official documents necessary to operate a motor vehicle.
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Normally used for short distances within a city, taxis in some countries may be shared and cover much greater distances.
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very small but wealthy city-state in Southeast Asia with very mixed cultural influences.
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Renting and hiring anything from from bicycles and boats to villas. But for cars use the "car-rental" tag instead.
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Choosing the way or the intermediate points or connections to pass through in order to reach your ultimate destination.
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Finding the name of some place, food, monument, or other travel-related thing.
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a Special Administrative Region of China bordering the South China sea. It is essentially a city-state, mostly known for the namesake island and the Kowloon district on the mainland which…
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the practice of remaining in a country longer than allowed by one's stay permit (visa or residency card).
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the single consolidated UK visa type that covers all aspects where a person comes to the UK for tourism, visiting family/friends, job interviews, business trips, some forms of academic researc…
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Questions regarding all types of flight capable devices.
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For questions specifically about people travelling with Australian passports.
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a small country in western Europe.
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Questions regarding visas allowing for multiple visits to a given country, usually called a "Multi Entry Visa".