A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

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For questions covering various or special accommodation types. Otherwise try the "hotels" or "hostels" tags.
× 182
Travel by long-distance buses, also known as coaches.
× 181
Renting a car. For renting anything else use the "rental" tag instead.
× 178
Operating a road vehicle such as a car, campervan, mobile home, RV, yourself as a mode of transport on your trip.
× 174
The practice of going out looking at things and places.
× 172
People's Republic of China, the world's most populous country and the largest in East Asia (capital: Beijing).
× 167
For questions related to "hotels" specifically rather than "accommodation" generally. See also the "hostels" tag.
× 157
A country in southern Europe most known for its classical historic sites, food, and the Alps in the north.
× 154
The process of making reservations or getting tickets in advance for a trip.
× 151
period of time spent waiting for a connection (unlike stopover this is not chosen by the traveller)
× 148
For questions specifically about people travelling with US passports.
× 142
Car-related travel questions. See also the "car-rental", "driving", and "road-trips" tags.
× 137
Administrative procedures and documents for travel
× 134
The checks and scans for illegal or dangerous items required at aiports for passengers and baggage.
× 133
Travel with children of all ages from infants to toddlers to teenagers.
× 125
Hints for solving a variety of travel issues, especially problems that require experiential knowledge to solve or are not covered by traditional travel books or resources.
× 122
Locations of border crossings between countries, whether and when they are open, who may cross, and what must be done in order to cross.
× 120
Country in northern Eurasia, largest country in the world, covering more than 1/8 of the Earth's inhabited land area.
× 119
A country located at the centre of the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia
× 117
The largest city in the United States, and center of one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the world. Located on the east coast, in the state of New York.
× 116
The capital and largest city of France
× 115
A country in southern Europe on the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, bordering Portugal, France, Andorra, and Gibraltar.
× 109
Buying financial protection to protect against problems which may arise on a trip, including but not limited to theft or injury.
× 107
Gadgets or other electronic devices including, but not limited to: cameras, gps, cellphones, laptops, mp3 players, ...
× 106
Questions regarding prevalent weather and climates at various places on Earth.
× 105
A large country straddling the border between Europe and Asia, with Ankara as the capital.
× 103
Earning frequent flyer miles/points, redemption, inter-airline point transfers
× 100
Covers questions about all kinds of plastic cards used like money: ATM cards, charge cards, credit cards, debit cards, EFTPOS, etc.
× 99
A US program that allows citizens of specific countries to enter the United States without a visa.
× 98
A landlocked country in Western Europe. Switzerland's biggest and most important cities are Zurich, Berne, Geneva and Basel.
× 98
Travelling over a large distance in a car. Usually through multiple states, provinces, or countries.
× 97
If you wish to travel to the US from a Visa Waiver country, you need to to apply for an ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) before you travel.
× 97
Organized tours as opposed to travelling or seeing things on your own. See also the "guides" tag.
× 96
Equipment, devices, and more—if you pack it, it's travel gear.
× 96
The state of being free from danger or threat. Use with questions about things or money; when referring to people, use "safety" instead.
× 95
Changing money and travellers cheques from one currency to another.