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I live in Zurich, and the Transit area is open 24/7 - also there's a Transit Hotel (which isn't cheap, but not super-expensive either) where you could sleep. Note that if arriving in the satellite building (which you will if flying from India or Singapore) you'll have to take the underground Train to the main building (follow the signs for the Exit), then ...


You might be lucky with this, but it comes at a risk that Schengen authorities will not be happy about you arriving early even though you pass immigration only the next day. Your first problem will be to convince the airline to let you board as has been pointed out in comments and by @BurhanKhalid. If you do succeed, note that immigration in Zurich ...


If your airline boards you (which will be the biggest hurdle), you can then wait till midnight passes (the date switches) before crossing immigration. I don't think you can use the transit option as you are not actually in transit - that would be a false pretense. In the end, it will all depend on the airline.

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