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Update: I did the trip (August 2012) in the opposite direction. See below for details. It seems it can be done, but it ain't no picknick. I'm yet undecided as to whether I'll do the trip, but the below seem to be the options. Note that the Scandinavia group (though still running a website) hasn't operated at least since 2009. Kampala to Lusaka by bus and ...


As per Lonely Planet discussion thread, only currency that can be withdrawn in Zambia is Zambian Kwacha. If you have make payment in USD, then either carry the cash in USD or withdraw money in Zambian Kwacha and buy USD from the banks. In case you decide to carry cash in USD, keep in mind few things (quoting from the above link) - All USD must be ...


Eastern Congo is affected by the rebel activities. Recent reports of rebels fighting with the army have been reported. Even gorilla tourism (in this region) have been affected and tourists can only for gorilla trekking in Uganda or Rwanda. Will update you when the security situation has improved in the region.

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