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Security screening at Toronto Pearson is conducted by CATSA. It occurs immediately after US preclearance and baggage drop. CATSA recommends people with prostheses containing metal to inform a security screener and receive an alternate search, but if he has a prosthesis without metal he can just walk through the metal detector. If you need assistance, ...


Pearson has some body scanners, but in most cases you will go through an old-fashioned metal-detector - especially in the US and domestic areas. If your friend's prosthetic triggers the metal detectors (or instead of them if you ask) you can opt to get a search in a private area with a security guard of your own gender.


I've been through YYZ many times with zippered 3-1-1 bags. The first was repurposed packaging that originally contained pillowcases. That was replaced with a zippered cube produced by Tom Bihn. Both were made (mostly) of see-through plastic and were approximately 1 litre in volume. Both were satisfactory. In fact, both have been acceptable at airports in ...

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