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The airport web site suggests you may be some other sort of priority traveler: A priority lane will be available for Nexus cardholders and airline guests with priority designations. NEXUS cardholders and airline guests with priority access may enter the U.S. Customs hall directly at any time by showing their boarding pass and/or valid Nexus card and ...


Is it possible your connecting flight's boarding time was near? I've been sent to priority customs/passport/security lines when I had a tight connection - both airlines and airports have strong motivations to ensure everyone boards on time because missing passengers can cause very costly delays.


I found a picture of the cart dispensers. It says all rights reserved so I'll just link to it. It clearly shows that they take coins credit cards bills I don't see any indication of change-giving although it's possible that is below the frame of the picture. Next to the coins slot someone has taped up a diagram of what coins are ok and they appear to be ...


I can only offer the page from the manufacturer of the cart management system Accept credit cards (PCI-DSS Compliant) Accept cash Give change Display multilingual instructions Offer the option to provide a reward to customers when they return carts Unfortunately I could not find anyone taking a picture of the CMU at Pearson to verify the ...

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