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From the official timetable of Georgian Railways. There is a train #202/201 Tbilisi - Yerevan which leaves at 8:20pm and arrives 7am. This train leaves Tbilisi on odd dates such as was yesterday and when you have 31 days in a month skips the 1st. This train will go back the next day such today leaving Yerevan at 10 pm and arriving to Tbilisi at 9 am EDITED ...


Numerous carriers fly to Yerevan: Armavia, AirFrance, Lufthansa, Iran Air, Czech Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Aeroflot and the like. Yerevan is connected to all major European and Middle Eastern cities: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Athens, Moscow, Vienna, Berlin, Prague, St Petersburg, Zurich, Minsk, Riga, Kiev, Istanbul, Dubai, Aleppo, Tehran, Beirut and so ...


The train runs from Tbilisi on odd days of the month and from Yerevan on even ones.

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