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If you want to get from Wrocław to Warsaw quickly, the fastest (3h40) option is the EIP (Express Intercity Premium) train. It costs ~14EUR if you book ~2-3 weeks in advance, see http://intercity.pl for journey planner and tickets. If you're buying on the day of the journey, the price rises to ~35EUR, but you should still be able to get a seat. Slower trains ...


Rome2Rio says that you can do this by bus and/or by train. There seem to be a LuxExpress coach costing 30€ for a journey lasting 5h20, as well as a regional train costing ~10€ for a journey lasting 6h15. Other bus options exist according to the linked website, they all seem to take more than 6 hours to bring you to Warsaw. Regarding seating reservation, ...

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