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city bus, line 406 - ticket 2.40 PLN (~0.56 €) night bus, line 249 - ticket 2.80 PLN (~ 0.66 €) taxi - less than 50 PLN (~ 12 €) If you are taking 406 day bus and want to get to main market square, quit bus at "Renoma" stop and follow Świdnicka street. If you want to get to train or bus station, quit bus at "Dworcowa" stop (the last one).


In general in Poland specialized currency exchange offices (kantor) are much better than banks. I would guess that in bigger cities you will get a better deal, you should shop around and compare rates in different offices (so probably Wroclaw or Krakow). Google shows the average exchange rate at a given moment, so you are pretty much guaranteed that you ...


Looks like bus is the primary (only) option, according to Wikitravel. At least buses are cheap :) From the airport, bus 406 operates from the terminal building to central Wrocław between 5am and 11pm every 20 minutes (schedule). There is also a night bus 249 (schedule). The night bus will take approximately one hour to get to the city center (it will have ...


Your last bus 406 is at 11.14 p.m. do not miss this bus because this is theoretically the last bus. There is also the night bus number 249 at 0:23. but you will arrive to the main station in 2 hours.


If you want to get from Wrocław to Warsaw quickly, the fastest (3h40) option is the EIP (Express Intercity Premium) train. It costs ~14EUR if you book ~2-3 weeks in advance, see for journey planner and tickets. If you're buying on the day of the journey, the price rises to ~35EUR, but you should still be able to get a seat. Slower trains (...


city bus, line 406 - ticket 3.00 PLN (~0.73 €) - last stop called "Dworzec Główny PKP" night bus, line 249 - ticket 3.20 PLN (~ 0.78 €) - last stop called "Dworcowa" Buses are generally equipped with terminals where you can get your ticket using your credit card. Don't forget you need to validate it in the machine later. There are also boards displaying ...


There are plenty of ATMs and Exchanges all around the city, especially in city center. At ATM, you will get a rate controlled by bank and Exchanges have their own rates. They may be a bit less interesting at airport (I suppose), I would suggest exchanging money somewhere at market place or Galeria Dominikanska. However, ATM seems more convenient (at least ...


I found this Website about Wroclaw and it's written that From the airport, bus 406 operates from the terminal building to central Wrocław between 5am and 11pm every 20 minutes. There is also a night bus 249 . The night bus will take approximately one hour to get to the city center. I hope this will help you


Wroclaw: Crossroad Swidnicka and Olawska street in the old town. kantor: CENT Olawska street 50 m from the main square: GANT The best way to find good echange rate is to look at the difference between the sales and buy rate. If it is higher than 7 groszy on one unit price eg 1 Dollar look for another place.


At many exchange shops (kantor) you even can negotiate exchange rate, if you sell or buy larger amount of dollars/euro. Watch out for those "kantors", that are in very touristic places, like in Old Town of Kraków (Cracov). They often have very bad exchange rate. The rate when selling is always lower than average and for buying is always higher. There is ...


I been to kantors all over Wrocław and looked at the exchange rates all over the city the exchange was 3.45 at most places, where as the best exchange price was 3.497 at the Alior bank near the city center (rynek). The exchange prices change every day but I suggest checking this location before exchanging somewhere else.


In my (recent) experience, better than change money is to find any cashier and get money from it. That's when you need cash, because almost any restaurant, hotel, shop, etc will accept paying by card, that gives even better exchange. Note: My credit card is an Euro based VISA, I don't know if that's important.


Generally, almost wherever I go, I find it's easiest to get money out of the ATM. (Aside from Uzbekistan, where ATM's were card-specific). Ideally if you can before you go, arrange for a debit card or similar with zero fees for withdrawing in other countries - your bank may be able to offer you one, or you can order one online. Some really good tips on ...


Not sure of the arrangements in Poland but in Ukraine the best way to get local currency would be to simply withdraw it from an ATM. All the exchange places would give you worse rate then you would get for the electronic money transfer from bank to bank. And from my exprience airports are the worst.


There's a video answering this question, showing the airport & giving some other information. Accurate 2016


Deutsche Bahn website finds a few connections, e.g. Praha hl.n. Mi, 21.08.13 ab 05:16 EX 521 Express-Zug Pardubice hl.n. Mi, 21.08.13 an 06:21 Wait time 10 Min. Pardubice hl.n. Mi, 21.08.13 ab 06:31 Sp 1915 R 1915 Eilzug Wroclaw Glowny Mi, 21.08.13 an 10:28 There doesn't seem to be any direct train though.


Rome2Rio says that you can do this by bus and/or by train. There seem to be a LuxExpress coach costing 30€ for a journey lasting 5h20, as well as a regional train costing ~10€ for a journey lasting 6h15. Other bus options exist according to the linked website, they all seem to take more than 6 hours to bring you to Warsaw. Regarding seating reservation, I'...

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