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If you are on a business trip, these should be your priorities: Do NOT wear a hat in inside any premises if those are pertaining to your business. Use an umbrella when out (That is going to help you more, and is socially acceptable as well) Your requirements would also depend on the city you are planning to visit.


You won't be able to work on the visa. What you need to get in order to legally work in Singapore is some sort of work pass or permit, which usually your employer will have to get for you. However, there is no issue with looking for a job while on a visa, once you get a job, your employer can apply for a work permit or pass on your behalf, which will give ...


To answer your first question, yes they do random checks on laptops and disks, but this is rare. In my last 15 years I only had it once. They suspected some CDs on me and checked them, they also opened my laptop and searched for photos! That's it. They are usually targeting porn content. Regarding the internet access, no, there is nothing that will surprise ...


With a UV index of nearly 14 you need to be extremely careful when outside during the day. Even on an overcast day, the UV index will be half of what it would be on clear day, so you could easily have a higher UV index in India on an overcast day than in Britain in the summer on a clear day. Also, the UV radiation can penetrate light clothing and irradiate ...


While you'll probably be spending most of your time indoors and in air conditioned rooms, another thing to realise is that in India the sun is not as strong as it would be on a sunny day in the UK. Yes, it gets to 40+ degrees C but because of the pollution you will likely not get sunburned. (Even if you could stay out in that kind of heat long enough to get ...


I've never been to India, but I'd suggest a Fedora. In the Western countries, it looks like the only socially acceptable "business hat" option, unless you want to look like Uncle Scrooge or Oliver Hardy.


You don't need a hat. If you're traveling for business and are in the IT industry, you'll spend all your time in air-conditioned offices, hotels and taxis, and will spend very little time outside. As a rule, only the poor walk in India, and the campuses of Indian IT firms are generally in suburbs that are virtually unreachable by public transport anyway. ...


1) I don't understand this question. You can appear in interviews in the US if you're in the US. Do you need to re-phrase? 2) Your EAD application does not affect your travel at all. Your visa is what counts, and there is nothing about an L2 visa that precludes travel. If your visa says (as it likely will) "entries M" you can travel in and out as you wish. ...


Question is old, but I'm planning on visiting Cyprus soon - found this page with a few working spaces, two of them @ Nicosia and two more @ Paphos http://included.co/join/?in=cyprus

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