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Sitting on a Kodama now and can't find any unfortunately, for future reference.


I live in Lynchburg, Virginia but drive up 29 often enough (in the bottom right of the box, and most of that area is apparently in the silent zone. The only things I've noticed are FM radio stations tend to fade more in that region and my phone never seems to work, but the roads are sort of embedded in the hills so this would seemingly be the case ...


I can now share my experience... There was no need to buy any local sim cards as WiFi is almost everywhere: hotels, hostels, B&Bs, restaurants and busses (long distance ones). Just to remind you, be sure your mobile is fully charged and definitely have power bank handy (especially on the bus).


The video on demand is served from an onboard media server and is not using any of the available bandwith of the in many cases very slow internet connection available on flights.


Last year we spent a month in SE Asia. Our flights were routed through Tokyo & Singapore. With an AT&T SIM in our phones, we were able to connect to WiFi in both places with no problems, and no extra charges on our bill. Digression: Now, once we got into each country we visited, I'd purchase at least one local SIM and tuck the AT&T SIM for ...

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