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I am Russian and I never met a WiFi password in Cyrillic.


I've been living in Russia for 3 years, lived in various hostels and hotels, but I never saw a Wi-Fi with a cyrillic password anywhere. I'm not even sure that it's technically possible.


I have been to Russia. Once I was hosted by a friend in Moscow. He said I could use the wifi. He gave me the password. Accessing to his wifi was just like anywhere else on the planet.


I traveled in Russia in 2011 with a tablet, smartphone, Vita etc. Every WiFi network was in Latin characters. As with most nations they try to be somewhat accommodating to tourists and English is a good baseline, even for people on holiday from other parts of Europe.


Do not worry, Wifi pass phrases for personal use should only be in printable ASCII characters, in other words English characters. They do not support Unicode or other codepages. For more details check the Wikipedia's Wi-Fi Protected Access page. Except if you are redirected to a webpage for authentication, that's a whole different story and Karlson's ...


For Android depending on the model of your phone you may have to add Russian Language to the available keyboards. I have Galaxy S5 and under Settings -> Languages and Input you should be able to do this from the Galaxy App Store. You should be able to do the same for the iPad just add a Russian Language, which will allow you to switch to it and make the ...


The situation in Italy for free WiFi... is... ehm, how can I say... catastrophic? I had the chance to stay for 2 weeks in Rome to improve my Italian so I can tell you how the situation is. Essentialy, italians do have free WiFi but it requires an italian number in the registration process: so either you have it (and if you manage to use this free WiFi ...


Nowadays there are also providers that use coax and fibre optics. In Ubud you can get a cable internet (coax) connection through Biznet. They have packages up to 100mbps. Please see this article for more information; http://balipedia.com/articles/how-to-get-a-good-internet-connection-in-bali

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