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AT&T can't charge you to use WiFi. From the page you linked to, that's talking about a service where you connect to WiFi somewhere (like an airport) that you might normally have to pay for, and the provider of that WiFi has partnered with AT&T to allow AT&T customers to log in and use the WiFi. This does not affect your ability to connect to any ...


Here is a clear case of the representative being asked a question they don't know the answer to. As others have pointed out, their training is minimal. They are not allowed to admit not knowing except in very extreme cases as that would be bad for the corporate image. If they say "It will be free" and is wrong, the customer (you) will be very very angry ...


The video on demand is served from an onboard media server and is not using any of the available bandwith of the in many cases very slow internet connection available on flights.


Unless you have a phone the manufacturer of which has partnered with AT&T to only allow you to use Wi-Fi if you paid a ransom to AT&T (which would be very, very, very, surprising, and would most certainly only be the case for an AT&T-branded phone), as others have said, you are free to connect to any Wi-Fi network you like, and the "package" is ...


I can now share my experience... There was no need to buy any local sim cards as WiFi is almost everywhere: hotels, hostels, B&Bs, restaurants and busses (long distance ones). Just to remind you, be sure your mobile is fully charged and definitely have power bank handy (especially on the bus).

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