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Big malls have free WiFi for sure. The Dubai Mall offers it free of registration, while Mall of the Emirates require a simple registration - the password will be sent to your phone with a SMS. The hotel where I was staying had free WiFi in the hall. If you really need internet I suggest to get a SIM card from local company Du (Emirates Integrated ...


At the very least, Air China does (source). China Eastern has also started - for both domestic AND international flights. A summary article on this notes that Hainan Air is also introducing it in China as well.


Wifi can be found fairly widely, the big problem though is that almost all of them need a UAE mobile number to receive your login details. Non-UAE numbers aren't accepted. Login pages often look like this, with the UAE restriction: Assuming you do have a UAE number (/get one), then you can find wifi at most of the main metro stations, tram stops, various ...


In addition to the answer by Alessandro, I like to add that (at least in spring 2014) the registration in the Mall of the Emirates used to require a LOCAL telephone number. This can be quite a problem for tourists. If you are willing to pay for wifi, there are multiple options in Dubai, using credit card or skpe.

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