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This article(http://www.sfgenealogy.com/sf/history/hgshp1.htm) describes history of those ships - most of them was ruined during constructions or conserved and burried under buildings.


This story about a man who visited Bir Tawil (and claimed it as the "Kingdom of North Sudan" so his 8-year-old girl could be a princess, but that's another story) says that permission for the Egyptian authorities was required: This research led Heaton to seek permission from Egyptian authorities to travel to the remote, unpopulated plot of sand, ...


DaveP is right and it's probably the Stairway to Heaven, in Yushan National Park. However, I'd like to add an answer that is more generally and not only applicable to this one. There is a tool called TinEye that is a reverse image search tool. You upload an image or provide a link to an image and the search engines searches for similar pictures in the web. ...


According to this Google search it is the 'Stairs (or Stairway) to Heaven' in Yushan National Park.

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