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If you're looking for warm weather, crystalline water and amazing scenery I would suggest either Corsica or Sardinia. Corsica has wonderful beaches in the north western and southern part of the island. In the north Ficajola comes to mind although the island is amazing all around. In Sardinia the Costa Smeralda in the north is famous for it's stunning emerald ...


May I suggest Tropical Islands Resort, in Germany? This is an indoor tropical environment, with beach, rainforest and accommodation, just 60km from Berlin.


The island of Rügen has very nice sand beaches, for example between Glowe and Altenkirchen. It's also very very close to Poland. Houses and appartments can easily be rented and the available infrastructure is splendid. The only downside is that temperatures don't compare to tropical regions. We had weeks with 30°C and very sunny stretches in the summer, ...


Plenty of places by the Mediterranean have sandy beaches. Northern Italy, near Venice, has some sandy beaches, and is even closer to you than Croatia. There will be villas for rent. However the area is fairly crowded, which may not satisfy your definition of 'tropical'. The further south you go the more 'tropical' it gets. Greece is another good choice, and ...


I would assume "tropical beach" you mean tropical like beaches with warm sunny days? Apparently the beaches near Catania, Sicily in Italy are very good and they are pretty warm during summer and some of them are long stretch and have private beaches too.


In the 17th and 18th centuries, the Kamchatsky Peninsula was settled by Cossack tribes and established a lasting presence there. Not Mongolia, but qualifies as an Asian locale. Source: Google Maps, fair use Their descendants are found there today and constitute a unique ethnic group. Source: Yuri Kozyrev, Far East Russia | Noor, fair use. The ...

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