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The Wakhjir Pass at the Wakhan Corridor (Afghanistan-China border) seems to be very scarcely crossed, since the last westerner to have done so was back from 1947. Also (from Futility Closet), that border requires the greatest time change of any international frontier -travellers must reset their watches by 3.5 hours.


I think it is a part of the Brighton royal pavilion in Brighton, England.


Just east of Toronto is the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station. The operators claim: Located in the Municipality of Clarington in Durham Region, 70 km east of Toronto, Darlington Nuclear provides about 20 per cent of Ontario's electricity needs, enough to serve a city of two million people. That site offers a link to a video tour of the site. ...


Desert. Not only the Sahara or Gobi as mentioned but in general all deserts. I remember this radio talk and that guy, P.Frey, claims he is the only person to have crossed the Sahara in the East-West direction. Mostly because people living in the desert actually live in small areas and never really cross it. In general deserts are by definition not places ...


Poland doesn't have any nuclear power plants (yet), but it has a research reactor Maria in Świerk, near Warsaw, which provides tours for organized groups, targeted mostly for students. Key information from the web site (Polish only): all participants must be over 15 you should announce the group at least 2 weeks in advance foreign citizens need to fill ...


caves! 1,083,206,916,846 km3. volume 510,072,000 km² surface area there is a huge difference in area to explore under the surface. as well google earth cant see under ground. granter it could be hard and not interesting to dig a hole. the idea of journey to the center of the earth comes to mind. thou you could spend generations digging or you may enter and ...


In Australia you can tour the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor, the only one in the nation. Note that while it is indeed a nuclear reactor it is not a nuclear power plant, as it is dedicated to producing radioisotopes as a research facility.


In France, you can visit EDF's energy plants. You just need a valid ID (passport, ID card, etc.) The tours are great! You can talk with technicians, engineers, plays with interactive setups to understand the processes, etc.


You can also visit Kozloduy NPP in Bulgaria. When Kozloduy NPP can be visited? The Information Centre is open for visitors every workday from 8 am to 4 pm. Visits to plant facilities are organised in workdays on a year-round basis with closing time at 3.30 pm. Visits to the Main Control Rooms and Turbine Halls of Units 5 and 6 are not ...


In addition to commercial nuclear power plants, the world has many small university reactors used for research and education. For example, in the Los Angeles area a quick google search showed that UC Irvine has a reactor that allows group tours by appointment.


You can do that in Switzerland: Beznau. This is the oldest still running nuclear reactor in the world. According to their brochure you can contact the visitor center for guided tours. Mühleberg. They have regular guided tours in French or German. Gösgen. They have daily tours as well as a visitor centre. Leibstadt. They also have tours and a visitor ...


In the UK. EDF Energy is opening new visitor centres at their nuclear power plants across the country, specifically: Hunterston B in West Kilbride and Torness in Dunbar, Scotland, Sizewell B in Suffolk, Hinkley Point B in Bridgwater, Dungeness B in Kent and Heysham in Morecambe. The visitor centres are where you can find out more about our ...

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