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To answer the precise question, the lake is called "The Norwegian Sea". I wish I could say "And I've climbed that". I've done some peaks around Reine (the larger settlement on the west side of the fjord, Hamnøy being the old ferry quay before they built the bridge, and BTW on the right of the photographer, we are looking slightly east of north and behind ...


That is the Teatro Fausto, on the corner of Prado and Colon, in Havana Cuba. The "ants" you see in the photo were an artist's exhibit in 2012 for the Havana Biennial. They are no longer on the building.


It's the Fausto Theater, as identified on this photo blog. For more information on the history of the theatre. Located in the Habana Vieja (old town) district of Havana, on the Prado at the corner of Esquina Colon in the Jaruco neighborhood. The Cine-Teatro Fausto was built in 1938 and designed in an Art Deco style, by architect Saturino ...


Google reverse image search locates the original of this picture. It is the Fausto Theatre in Havana. The ants were a temporary exhibit.


quietest place on Earth You will find more moments of silence than you can imagine. This photo of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul was taken by Kirbysdad.


The Empty Quarter (Rub Al Khali) is accessible by car from Abu Dhabi. You have both access and phone service - that you may prefer not to use, of course - and it is silent, it makes voices sound weird. There are areas where people use dune buggies far away, but this is a very, very large and accessible desert (while still in the UAE, you will have full ...


The limits of our hearing sensitivity mean that many of the quieter places in the world will all sound the same. It is unlikely you would be able to tell the difference between the sound levels in the quietest place on earth and the 100th, or even 1000th, quietest place. Further, your breathing and fidgeting will have a serious impact on the sound level in ...


Antarctica and Arctic (Inner Greenland) Once inside, having good weather and no wind, it is extremely silent. On the other hand, it may be disturbed by the sound of chattering teeth. Sand desert Again very quiet. Rocky deserts may have some noise due to weathering causing some small landslides. Examples are Rub' al Khali (Saudi Arabia), Badain Jaran Desert ...


Try somewhere high up, but obviously not on a windy day. High up because there will be no trees with leaves to rustle and virtually no animal life, no bird calls. I recently went up Teide volcano in Tenerife, it was beautifully sunny, still and completely silent.


Mariana Trench, the deepest and darkest place in the ocean is 11 miles deep. Nothing down there expect sea cucumbers and the very occasional jellyfish and the Most peaceful serenity


In orbit While technically not on Earth, per se, being in low-Earth orbit is about as quiet as you can get while within the vicinity of Earth, and space tourism is just starting up (although expect to pay a lot of money for it). Of course, if you can get up there without any sort of vehicle or suit, it'll be even quieter, although your enjoyment of it ...


I adore silence.I discovered this in Las Canadas National Park, Tenerife. Below the peak of Mt Teide sit ancient lava flows.The original Caldera of the island, now a flat plain. Take a walk into the middle and sit yourself down. You will find more moments of silence than you can imagine.


Svalbard is naturally quiet. There are no trees there which makes the sound of the wind a lot less. Also, this means that there are not many birds there which also reduces the sound relative to other places. It is also a place you can easily visit, there are regular flights to the main settlement on Svalbard, Longyearbyen from Tromsø and Oslo. As this ...


I used to live in the Canadian countryside, and I would say that even if you are far from the noises of man, the noises of nature are still rather loud. Wind (both direct and from moving the grass and trees about), rain, wildlife etc. Much quieter in the winter but I would not call it silent. A cave, on the other hand, is about as quiet as the artificial ...


For those of you who can read Dutch, (or use an online translating service) here is a link to the page about the 'silence areas' following the Dutch laws for such. Een stiltegebied is een milieubeschermingsgebied waarin de geluiden van flora en fauna overheersen. Het woord ‘stilte’ betekent hierbij niet dat er geen geluid in het gebied waarneembaar is, ...


One journalist did attempt to research this - both the artificial labs and the natural spaces. He details it in his book - Zero Decibels if you'd like to read it. The highlights in nature: Several years ago, the Campaign to Protect Rural England declared a spot in Northumberland the most tranquil place in the country (when the nearby military base isn't ...


Anaechoic Chamber at Orfield Labs When it comes to soundproof chambers, the quietest place on earth is the Anechoic chamber, at Orfield Labs. Quoting from this article from the Atlas OBscura: A typical quiet bedroom at night measures about 30 decibels; this chamber measures at -9 decibels. It is made of 3.3-foot-thick fiberglass acoustic wedges, double ...

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