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In Italy you can drive as fast has you can. (I used to live in Sicily) No one is going to chase you down for speeding, so there is no speed limit. But some roads have traffic cameras, which is annoying, but you can go to Auchan, which is a supermarket exactly like Walmart and buy a GPS and all GPS automatically have a radar to tell you were the traffic ...


During the extreme weather events of 535–536, snow fell in China in the summer, see here:


This website provides details of Scenic railways and heritage train rides in Europe.This might be helpful. http://traintraveling.com/europe/tourist-train-rides/index.html#austria


I know three places in Germany where this is possible: Mansfelder Bergewerksbahn Selfkantbahn Sauschwänzlebahn The first two offer active participation, while the last one only allows standing in the locomotive. I would guess that some other steam locomotive clubs would allow others to participate as well, if you ask.


There are many other landscapes in the Sahara, although I am not sure whether any of them really fits the bill. I suspect most of it is actually more arid than the American West (but you could perhaps find some similarity with the Death Valley). Here are a few suggestions (not that most of these places is easy to reach or can boast of any significant ...

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