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I dispute the premise of your question. (All images from a google Image Search for "Welcome to [State Name]") You can find examples for all 50 states at this site - note however that while all 50 states are represented, that list is far from exhaustive of all the designs and styles that can be found, depending upon which border crossing you're at. ...


Depending on which route you take you may pass through at least 2 or 3 Electronic toll collection systems you can find most of them on the Government Services Administration page. If you take the most direct route via West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and then via I-90 to Washington, you might need EZ Pass, Mn Pass, and Washington's Good to Go. You ...


These normally are handled by the states department of Agriculture and are usually related to plants but if you're concerned with what you're bringing in first advice would be: Don't bring it with you. Second would be check the quarantine list and requirements from Washington States Department of Agriculture


Head to the Amtrak King Street Station. They don't have luggage lockers, but they do offer Baggage Storage for a small fee (click to the Baggage tab to see that). This thread suggests it was $3 per piece of luggage in 2010, it may well be a little higher now. King Street station is very close to a light rail stop, for when you want to head onwards to the ...


It is true. The State of Washington has similar agreements with British Columbia, Germany and Korea. As long as your BC license is valid, you can follow the procedures same to the people holding an out-of-state US license. See here. This is only for British Columbia licenses, other Canadian licenses holders should take the test.

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