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Buy a SmartTrip card. When you arrive at the kiosk, wave your SmartTrip card across the white circular reader on the kiosk. The kiosk will show you your balance. Add additional funds. (You can check your station destination to get an exact amount.) The kiosk will remind you wave your card across the reader to complete the transaction. Use the card to ...


How do I purchase a ticket for either a single trip or multiple trips? Follow the steps highlighted with the big orange numbers. Step 1: Select Purchase The simplest option is to choose the farecard option here: that gives you a ticket with X dollars on it (which you specify in the next step). You use that ticket when entering and exiting a station, ...


You're not alone. Aside from the addition of a swipe card reader and of the SmarTrip pad over the years, the user interface of WMATA's farecard vending machines is definitely atrocious, especially for a city and system that sees such a large number of tourists. The situation has been made even worse because of the addition of the $1 surcharge for paper ...


There is a helpful site from Washington DC Metropolitan Transit Authority dealing specifically with the subject at hand. Included on that page is the FAQ and a Video.

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