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If you want to get from Wrocław to Warsaw quickly, the fastest (3h40) option is the EIP (Express Intercity Premium) train. It costs ~14EUR if you book ~2-3 weeks in advance, see http://intercity.pl for journey planner and tickets. If you're buying on the day of the journey, the price rises to ~35EUR, but you should still be able to get a seat. Slower trains ...


Rome2Rio says that you can do this by bus and/or by train. There seem to be a LuxExpress coach costing 30€ for a journey lasting 5h20, as well as a regional train costing ~10€ for a journey lasting 6h15. Other bus options exist according to the linked website, they all seem to take more than 6 hours to bring you to Warsaw. Regarding seating reservation, ...


http://www.euroticket.pl/en/index.php here you can find bus tickets, it takes around 9 hrs of travel and costs around 50-60 EUR


I just checked the German railway site and found several options for under €40 on 11-11-2015. I think that with that kind of prices it is not worth breaking the ticket unless you want to break the travel. If you want to buy a ticket all in Poland, I think this is the site to use. But there might be other/better options, I never used the site.


You can also try to use BlaBlaCar and reach Warsaw by carpooling! If only you are able to match time and free slot you will get to Warsaw fast, comfortable and cheap. Use following link to find offers: ...


At that hour, I presume you are flying Air Baltic BT 416 from Riga to Vukonovo. You can see the routes on this route map , enter Moscow on the left and pick SVO or VKO to see the flights. The only bus is 611 which does not run per this 611 timetable this late. The express bus is even more limited per this 611s timetable.


Frankfurt Airport operates a Fast Lane to allow connections under 30min: http://www.frankfurt-airport.com/content/frankfurt_airport/en/services/container_services/fast_lanes.html Fast Lanes What not everyone knows: when passengers are hurrying to catch a connecting flight at Frankfurt Airport they can take a shortcut to get to their gates ...

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