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It won't be possible. The roads near the airport are very complex and there are plenty of junctions. It's very hard to navigate between them. There is a sidewalk at Chek Lap Kok South Road but no one uses it because it is too far away. it takes more than 1.5 hours to walk from CLK to Tung Chung. Taking a bus only takes around 10-15 minutes.


I have a 4 hour stopover Which is not enough time to do much outside any major airport, especially on foot. Assuming the 4 hours is arrival to departure time, consider the following: get off airplane walk to immigration, wait in line walk to airport door. We are now at 30 minutes, more likely 60 leave airport property You have already checked in ...


Bear in mind, current (August) daytime temperatures in Hong Kong are about 28-30C (~82-86F) with humidity approaching 100%. You can walk, but it will get uncomfortable fast and it's usually quite a dusty hot road to Tung Chung.


Nothing to add to Gilles informative answer - it's fantastic information that there is a footbridge (but for the OP's question, a four hour stopover does appear to be too short). However, if you're staying at one of the the two airport hotels, such as the SkyCity Marriott, here's what would be a terrific "urban jog" which is a 10k, making the Novotel on the ...


Hong Kong airport is on an island. There is nothing else on that islands except an exhibition center and related activities (ferry terminal, hotel, …). In order to go anywhere interesting, you need to cross to the neighboring island of Lantau, Tung Chung being the first neighborhood when going from the airport to anywhere overland. While I think there is a ...


Walking directions for Google maps says yes, it's possible: https://goo.gl/maps/MVoPY 57 min, 4.6 km from Airport station to the center of Tung Chung. Now I haven't tried this myself, and walking directions remain officially in beta... but a random Street View sampling indicates that the suggested route does have pedestrian walkways of some kind, including ...


Google seems to have moved on since:

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