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There is no general "Right to Roam" in England and Wales, in contrast to Scotland. The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 only allows public access that can be recognised and "Right to Roam" on "Access Land". Access land is defined as such: (1)In this Part “access land” means any land which— (a)is shown as open country on a map in ...


Prague 1 has both the biggest concentration of bars, clubs and old pubs, and the biggest concentration of sights. Check out the Foursquare map for the top-rated sights: And the top-rated night venues: Therefore you should stay in Prague 1. I can recommend staying near the intersection of Vodickova street and Wencelas square, as that's the nexus of ...


A good friend of mine started Walk Rotterdam they offer guided walking tours in english around the city of Rotterdam. Their walks are done by real architects from Rotterdam and are about architecture, art, history and the character of the city. Their walks include open discussions and analyses.


As stated in comments, going to Saint Jean Pied du Port from Barcelona can take quite long. Unless necessary to go via Barcelona, try to get a flight to Bilbao or San Sebastián, so that you can decrease the travelling time. You can even check flights from Barcelona to Bilbao, which can be found for good prices. Anyway, if you decide to go from Barcelona, ...

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