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Yes, it's possible, people even camp there specially for the starlight. These images are by the way the 4th hit on Google search for "aogashima". This tiny map which somehow disappeared from the official website of Aogashima also indicates where the path is to reach the center.


Sightseeing flights are available (e.g. Mýflug) and cost around 300 euros per person. However, there is currently no way for tourists to approach the eruption on land due to the extremely hazardous conditions on the ground. [...] due to the volcanic eruption in the area north of Vatnajökull glacier, the highland north of Vatnajökull glacier is closed ...


You should be able to observe the blue flame each night, as it's the temperature of the flame and the substances burning. However, this is nature, nothing is guaranteed. Saying that, it is reliable enough that there are tours built around it. For example, the Paket Kawah Igen Blue Fire Tour. It's in Indonesia, but running it through Google Translate, ...


If not off topic I rather think it should be, though not especially because of the transient relevance, more the subjectivity. Just asking “is there a possibility that my entire trip will need to be canceled?” seems to acknowledge the existence of such possibility. Similarly for Skaftafell camping. Weather, in particular wind, may be a factor in evacuation ...

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