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Yes. VOA is available at this border crossing. I finally found an official website listing this crossing with a very different spelling and it clearly states you can get a visa on arrival: The entry points to obtain Visa: Cambodia-Thailand border: Choam Sanguam International Check Point (Banteay Meanchey Province)


There is no visa on arrival in Turkey. You have to apply for it in advance at the official website. As you have permanent residency in a OECD member state, you are eligible to apply online, assuming you can provide: Sufficient funds for the term of your stay ($50 per day) On-going ticket. The process is straight forward. Simply follow the steps online. ...


As long as the profession listed on your visa is in this list of 201 professions (PDF), and your residency and passport has more than 6 months validity - you can get a one-time single entry visit visa on arrival. You can also get a visa for your dependents; as long as they have residency in UAE as well. This means, if your wife is accompanying you; but she ...

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