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Unfortunately, the F1 expires after a year for Russian nationals, so it seems that I must fly back to Russia annually to apply for a visa every year. I was wondering if I could somehow avoid the flight back to Russia. A U.S. visa is only for entering the United States. You would only need to get a new visa if you need to leave and enter the United ...


There are no documentation requirements to cross into Myanmar for the day from Mae Sai. It costs US$10 or 500 baht (better value in $). The signs say baht, but if you ask the $10 option is available.


The Myanmar entry permits granted at Mae Sai/Tachileik are not full-fledged visas: they're only good for 14 days and do not allow travel elsewhere in Myanmar, and this is enforced by them keeping your passport! On the upside, they're granted to anybody with a crisp 10-spot and a pulse, and I suspect that second requirement is optional. Details at ...

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