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No. Your parents will need to get a visa before they get to the airport in Bombay. Without one, they won't be allowed to board the flight to the UK. You can check if you need a visa or not for the UK with the Gov.UK Visa Check tool. For your parents case the answer is they need a visa for transit, even a Direct Airside Transit as they're doing. This is ...


There are no documentation requirements to cross into Myanmar for the day from Mae Sai. It costs US$10 or 500 baht (better value in $). The signs say baht, but if you ask the $10 option is available.


The Myanmar entry permits granted at Mae Sai/Tachileik are not full-fledged visas: they're only good for 14 days and do not allow travel elsewhere in Myanmar, and this is enforced by them keeping your passport! On the upside, they're granted to anybody with a crisp 10-spot and a pulse, and I suspect that second requirement is optional. Details at ...


You won't get a visa on arrival in the UK but as US citizen you generally don't need a visa. In all likelihood, you won't be asked to show anything but in theory you are supposed to bring the same things that you would need to apply for visa (bank statement, itinerary, etc.). Details are available on gov.uk


Agreements tend to be reciprocal (although I would not be surprised if some weren't) but many countries also simply decide unilaterally to grant visa-free entry to citizens of other countries. You don't need an agreement for that. For example, compare the visa policy of Haiti (certainly a very open country, on paper) and requirements for Haitian citizens. ...


I am not too sure about the “despite colonization” bit. I can't really see a pattern, one way or the other. Some ex-British colonies offer visas on arrival for British citizens (e.g. Kenya), some don't (e.g. India) and most treat German or French citizens in exactly the same way. And then for some reason, Luxembourgish and Finnish citizenships – but not ...


None of this is possible. It appears to be a description of the UK system but the Schengen area does not work that way. Generally speaking, Indian citizens need a visa in Germany even if they are merely transiting airside but your UK visa should exempt you of that requirement (see Do I need a visa to transit in the Schengen area?). It will not be possible ...

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