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I live in Lynchburg, Virginia but drive up 29 often enough (in the bottom right of the box, and most of that area is apparently in the silent zone. The only things I've noticed are FM radio stations tend to fade more in that region and my phone never seems to work, but the roads are sort of embedded in the hills so this would seemingly be the case ...


Far and away: rent a car. The rental market in the DC area is very competitive. Last time I was there, in March, I paid $12 a day for a Hyundai. Gas in Virginia is as low as $1.30 a gallon. Don't let them sell you add-ons, that's where they getcha!


You might want to check out Rome2Rio, which is often useful for this type of query. The cheapest itinerary they show is: DC Metro (buses & trains) from Dulles to Union Station MegaBus from Union Station to Hampton, changing buses in Richmond, and Hampton Roads Transit from Hampton to Virginia Beach, transferring in Norfolk. The MegaBus will cost ...

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