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A VOA for Vietnam requires that your visa request be pre-approved by the government before you travel. The "Approval Letter" is the document the government will issue once it has approved your request for a visa. To get a VOA it is easiest to ask the tour company you are traveling with to organize the VOA on your behalf. There are also some agencies in ...


I had the same question, and according to http://visavietnam.pro/vi/faq/ you can leave on the same day as your visa expires. I am also going to do this.


Zero. No tipping whatsoever. The locals never do it and would never be offended if they were never tipped. There are of course some who may expect it and get offended if you don't tip, but only because they have been thus nurtured by Western tourists. Tipping is akin to child prostitution or being topless on a beach---it is an unfortunate practice that ...


Generally tipping is not required or expected in Vietnam. However, any extra money is appreciated. Tipping bellmen is always appreciated, even a token amount. Round up to the nearest 5,000 Dong (or greater) when paying cabbies (you don't want a lot of 1,000 Dong notes since they're almost worthless) There are some some locations where people actively ...

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