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Note: Vienna is not very efficient airport, and there can be long walks involved between areas since it is badly planned and security can take some time if you are unlucky. As much as people here advise for the train to get to the city, If you want to go to Schönbrunn you may consider (budget allowing) just grabbing a pre-booked car transfer immediately, ...


I too advise against Schönbrunn. I lived in central Vienna for a little while and feel you would be stressing yourself to go there in such limited time. And in any case it is less engaging than the city centre, being yet another (albeit an excellent example) grand palace.


I would advise against Schloss Schönbrunn, it is in the West of the City, while the airport is in the east. It is quite far away from most of the other sights which are in the City. So i would suggest a quick tour round St. Stephan, Hofburg, Opera and maybe Museumsquartier. Another data point regarding the CAT (City Aiport Train), Taking a Taxi is still ...


The City Airport Train will take you (close to) the center in just 16 minutes. It is however a lot more expensive than the regular train going the same way in just 10 or so minutes more. Each of the two trains runs every 20-30 minutes, so the fastest option depends on when exactly you arrive at the train station. From the terminal Wien Mitte-Landstraße you ...


I have transited through vienna around 15 times and happy to give you some tips on what to see during your 6 hour layoff. St.Stephens Platz church (start here. Its the city centre walk around for 2h you will see viennese operas, palace and shopping streets around. If you like cakes be sure to taste Sacher torta (shop not far from main opera) Schonbrunn ...


Yes. For example, only 16 minutes to central Vienna, so sightseeing in that interval is viable but what to see there seems to be a matter of opinion so off topic here.

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