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There can't be any exact dates for when it's safe because that depends on the (highly variable) water level in the river, which depends on rainfalls. Getting there requires taking a boat, a short rocky hike and swimming through a safe part of the river before you get to the pool itself (source: a TV show I saw). You should only do it as a guided tour, in ...


There are a ton of taxis who come in to meet the planes. Try and buddy up with another tourist if possible and save on cost, and be aware - you're a tourist, taxi drivers will sometimes ask 10x the normal price just to see if you'll take it - do ask a couple of drivers before accepting one. Acceptable price is US$25, but if you're a good negotiator you can ...


The reason the dates vary is because high water season varies. Guides won't take people when the water levels are too high, because they have to take it too. There's a really good blog post on this which details: the steps involved getting there (boat ride, pics of the rocky walk, and the jump you need to do to get in tips on how to manage it (any girls ...


Most other forums online indicate that now the Zimbabwean ATMs in Vic Falls dispense USD. indicates that: Barclays Bank and several of the other banks now have ATM cash withdrawal facilities accepting Visa and Master Cards and dispensing US$ cash. The limit is the same as your limit back home. Charges are $1.25 per ...


There is also an ATM I can't remember the brand in the shopping area near chicken-inn off the main road. The Barclays ATM was giving out large notes (100USD) which can be hard to get rid of in the local shops. Its probably best to have a bunch of 1, 5, 10 USD notes with you when you arrive.


Yes they are there and as mentioned Barclays Bank is the best bet and accepts various international cards.

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