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Entering and leaving a country with different passports is indeed not advised. If the country uses computerized records (like the US), the entry and exit could conceivably fail to be matched and you risk being marked as an overstayer. If the country rely on stamps and checks passports on exit (like the Schengen area), border guards will demand to see the ...


Ferry service has been discontinued from Chaguaramas (Trinidad) to Guiria (Venezuela) as of June 1st 2014... http://www.pier1tt.com/index.php/ferry http://www.guardian.co.tt/news/2014-05-23/ferry-service-venezuela-will-end-june-1


The USA border control TSA website says it is fine. Looking at the US State Travel Listing for Venezuela it doesn't mention restrictions on knives in hold luggage. There is a discussion on this from 2011 at this forum: Carrying knife into Venezuela? However, looking at how there is a high homicide count in Venezuela and Air Canada suspending all flights ...

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