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Entering and leaving a country with different passports is indeed not advised. If the country uses computerized records (like the US), the entry and exit could conceivably fail to be matched and you risk being marked as an overstayer. If the country rely on stamps and checks passports on exit (like the Schengen area), border guards will demand to see the ...


There a ferry mentioned on the Rome2Rio site which also mentioned that the tickets for the ferry can be bought on Pier1TT, which appears to be in the process of upgrading, so they give a phone number to call.


I did some research and collected various answers: From about.com there are two possibilities: Air: As stated, access to Canaima National Park is by air to the village of Canaima, about 50 km away from the falls. From there, you take either a smaller plane and fly to an airstrip at Canaima Lagoon, or travel by river to the lagoon. From the lagoon, ...


I was able to phone the ferry agency. A one-way ticket is about 6,500 Bolivares Fuertes (including taxes) (USD $1,035, EUR €755). Round-trip has a cost of about 13,000 Bolivares Fuertes. (USD $2,070, EUR €1,515) But a flight (for example from Margarita Island) is much cheaper. A Round-trip from Margarita Island to Port of Spain is about 5,000 Bolivares ...


I live in Venezuela, and there's always direct flights from Miami to Maiquetia. 1500USD is expensive but that's the price. Use this site, it's like Expedia.com but in Latin America and works in USA too. http://www.despegar.com/ To Maracaibo 934 USD. To Maiquetia (Caracas) 600 USD.


I do like to push them - once again, if you're really stuck and don't know where to look, consider Flightfox. I'm not affiliated, although I do compete on there as one of their 'experts'. Basically they have a bunch of 'experts' that compete to find you the best price. With what may work best as an open-jawed flight or a double-return (Japan->Mexico ...


If you don't mind ship travel then check out this website: http://www.flightlesstravel.com But from my research and depending from where in California and when you want to travel I have found plane tickets advertising round trip for ~$970


The town you want to get to near the mountain is called Santa Elena de Uairén. From Caracas there are direct buses (22 hours) or buses via Ciudad Bolivar (8h + 12h) or Puerto Ordaz (12h + 9h). Bus companies you can try are: Expresos Los Llanos, Expressos Caribe, Expressos San Cristobel and Expressos Occidante. In Santa Elena you can get on a tour, a ...


The best starting point for the less busy airports is to consult their official pages such as Port of Spain, which lists the flight VO 4005 departed at 5:30PM by Conviasa Airlines, which seems to be the only airline flying the direct route. Parlomar's Wiki page lists 2 other airlines that make such a flight but I think they are private charters for the most ...


Ferry service has been discontinued from Chaguaramas (Trinidad) to Guiria (Venezuela) as of June 1st 2014... http://www.pier1tt.com/index.php/ferry http://www.guardian.co.tt/news/2014-05-23/ferry-service-venezuela-will-end-june-1


The USA border control TSA website says it is fine. Looking at the US State Travel Listing for Venezuela it doesn't mention restrictions on knives in hold luggage. There is a discussion on this from 2011 at this forum: Carrying knife into Venezuela? However, looking at how there is a high homicide count in Venezuela and Air Canada suspending all flights ...


My usual go-to resource for flight schedules out of a particular airport is kayak: All you need is the IATA airport code for your origin (in this case POS) and you can just go straight to: http://www.kayak.com/direct/POS/2014-01 to see that there are three flights a week, operated by Conviasa. You can then check on the airline's website for more ...

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