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There doesn't seem to be an issue with you taking a car from Vancouver and returning it in the US. Just did a search on Kayak picking up in Vancouver Airport and dropping off in SeaTac airport and the major rental companies are happy to oblige even though it's getting a bit pricey.


Your plans will be fine. As long as there are less than 90 days between your first arrival in the US, and last departure from the US, then there will be no problem. The VWP 90-day clock keeps ticking for the days you are in Canada, but that's not an issue for you.


OP writes: Response from US Customs via email (CBP Officer) If she had an approved ESTA, she would be able to travel to the US. Please contact the airlines Austrian Airlines accepted their fault and admitted that she should have been allowed on the flight They wrote: We were very sorry to hear about your regrettable experience in Vienna. ...

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