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Most countries can hold the airlines responsible to carry passengers back if they carry a passenger without a valid documentation. That's why airlines checks for travel documents and may refuse you from boarding if they have a good reason to believe that you will be refused entry or have other problems. Whether the airline staffs' assessment of your ...


I am not a lawyer or an immigration expert, but if your mother was, in essence, visiting the US once on the way out and then not visiting it on the way back, it is irrelevant whether her Visa Waiver would have expired (ESTA is not a visa - it is merely a certification that allows her to board a plane - the Visa Waiver is what permits her to enter the US, and ...


I had someone coming from Seattle to Vancouver to check out the station carefully and there is no sight of GE or NEXUS machines.


Quarry Rock is a personal favourite of mine. Plus, Deep Cove is a awesome little town to stop for some ice cream, a drink, or a swim after the hike. It's roughly a half-hour hike up. From Downtown Vancouver, take the 211 to Phibbs Exchange then transfer to the 212 Deep Cove. Then, it's a short walk to the trailhead.


Well, as you can tell if you're in Vancouver, the North Shore didn't really get winter this year. The BCMC Trail is just east of the Grouse Grind and starts from the same parking lot - it's also a way better hiking trail. The Grind is basically a staircase in the forest and it's name is well-earned. If you don't feel like hiking the trail both ways you can ...


In addition to Michael's answer: it's (in theory) also possible to hitch-hike. You could hitch to the border, walk across (or journey with the kind soul who picked you up), and continue on. If you're worried about walking across the border - I've done it myself in the past and while you may get some additional questions, it's entirely possible - there's ...


You basically have three options: Amtrak. Take the Cascades train from Vancouver to Seattle in about four hours. The big benefit here is that the train isn't nearly as affected by car traffic at the border, which can be very lengthy especially going into the US. This is because you actually clear US immigration at the train station in Vancouver before ...

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