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There is always a possibility you will not be admitted. The visa waiver programme is intended for infrequent, short visits Immigration may find two entrances at maximum length separated by such a short space of time suspicious. I suspect you would not be denied entry, but you may be subject to extra questioning on your second entry which could take a few ...


This shouldn't be a problem for you. Since you did leave within your 90 days, and you have a reasonable explanation for the later date of your Mexican visa, there shouldn't be any problems on return to the US. They're more likely to have questions for you about what you were doing in South America.


Your proposed itinerary is not legally permitted under the Visa Waiver Program. When you first enter the US, you will be stamped in WT status for 90 days from the date of entry. This represents the so-called "90 day clock" that begins counting. If you travel to Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean during this time, and return to the US, you can only be ...


Yes, the two weeks in Cayman uses up some of your 90 day time. The 90 day clock starts from the day you enter the US, and continues counting even during time you spend in the Caribbean islands.


In the UK you definitely need a return ticket booked before they will allow you on the plane, as my sister inlaw found out in Sep. She was refused entry at the boarding gate as she didn't have her return ticket, she had to go online via her phone and purchase a return ticket whilst standing at the gate, she ended up paying over the odds and only making her ...

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