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From a photographers view I have to say I was really annoyed with the flyer, the curved windows made it difficult to get really high quality shots. And that is if there aren't too many reflections from people inside the cabin. Had I known this before I paid that very expensive ticket I would not have spent the money. Sky Park gave me way more, both as a ...


The typical way to get to Sentosa from anywhere in Singapore to Sentosa is to take the MRT to Harbourfront and then take the Sentosa Express LRT from there. I suggest you use the website gothere.sg where you can just enter something like "City Hall to Sentosa" and it will then show you different options to get there, including the prices. There is of course ...


Mears runs a shuttle between Disney and Universal - but if there are more than three in your group it is almost always less expensive to take a metered taxi. (Up to seven can ride for the price of one, depending on the vehicle). You can ask for an estimate of the fare before accepting the taxi. Looking around online, TaxiFareFinder claims it'll be about ...


As a local, I will highly recommend checking out Wild Singapore and the areas away from the city centre. Contrary to our label of an ultra-modern concrete jungle, we have really beautiful natural sights due to our tropical climate. I would also recommend the following: Little India (if you're looking for something more gritty than Chinatown) Geylang (the ...


I'd say that Google Maps is your friend with respect to public transportation. According to Google the cost of the trip is $2.00


I found that Disney has a page listing rooms suitable for larger groups. All of these have a suite layout with one or more bedrooms separate from a lounge area that generally includes a sofa bed in some form.


I've stayed at 3 of the WDW deluxe villa resorts and used both the 1 and 2 bedroom units... they are very nice and come with great amenities. Out of Wilderness Lodge, Animal Kingdom Lodge, and Beach Club Villas, BCV is my favorite if only for the awesome pool and location (walk into Epcot). For other recommendations, I'd check out the Marriott Vacation ...

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