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Very sad story with your husband. It is common problem of delayed flights of developed Asian countries and daily many flights delayed due to one or other problem. So i think you can file case against this flight company according to flight rules of India.


Try something with the following format: mm/dd/yyyy Such as 10/30/1981 for 30th of October 1981. If it still does not work, try again with different browsers, in this order: Firefox Google chrome Internet explorer (minimum version 10)


You will need to collect your baggage when you arrive in Newark for customs purposes anyway, so you may end your journey there.


It sounds like your travel agent is using hidden city ticketing. It is true that you will claim your checked luggage at Newark to go through customs, and there won't be anything to stop you from just leaving the airport after that. However, the airline's contract of carriage says you are not supposed to do this. See Is leaving airport at a stop before ...


I am going to assume that the itineraries are exactly the same except for the price. There are many, many ways to cover a given flight itinerary with a valid set of fare components. The computational difficulty in the problem is finding the lowest allowable combination by price. My guess is that basically the pricing engine in the first instance was not ...


Yes, particularly in your circumstance where the airline can see it occurred because of a delayed inbound flight. In that condition the delay has encroached into the "minimum connect time" between LGA and EWR (which is three hours). If you were involved in a delay between LGA and EWR I would also expect to be re-accommodated. However this is a bit more ...

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