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Depending on the size of the case and your level of pain tolerance, it may also be possible to take it as carry-on luggage. I've done that twice now, although with a small flat desktop PC (that is within hand luggage size regulations), and aside from being taken aside at security for explosives screening (which involved me opening the case) and actually ...


British Airways is neither buying nor merging with Aer Lingus. British Airways' parent holding company (a Spanish company called International Consolidated Airlines Group S.A. or IAG) has bought and delisted Aer Lingus. IAG already owns two other airlines (Iberia and Vueling) and is in the market for more, although this latest acquisition is going to take a ...


Short answer: nearly no effect on the service. For some cases, airlines merge means that only 1 airline brand exists. United & Continental, American and US airways are the examples. The aircraft, reservation and all others things are combined into same brand names. On the other hand, some airlines will keep the subsidiaries' brand even when they ...


Merger or not, airlines don't switch people around unless badly necessary (IRROPS -- weather, plane mechanical failure etc). If they cancel the route entirely it's a different story but such radical changes rarely happen this fast.


I must take George's comment to an answer because it's too important: depending on the kind, the heatsink may need to be removed. Apply common sense / guess the centre of gravity. If it looks like this: it very likely will cause no problems. If it looks like this: you definitely do not want that bumping around.


So I ended up going to the source, tweeting United Airlines directly. They've just replied, saying that YES, they are transferable, and provided a link with more information: The link is basically instructions on use of one of these certificates, and from those instructions it's merely a code, so not bound to any particular passenger.


United doesn't have a "one rule fits all" for certificates, so you need to check the rules for your specific one. They are usually provided in the email about the eCertificate or printed on the back of a paper certificate. United unfortunately does not provide terms on their website for certs. The certificates in general are restricted to airfare only, ...

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