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That is true that relationships are a little cold, but I didn't notice any open hostility while traveling to Baltic countries. Since people there have different attitude to Russian language (some may consider it as language of their oppressors), I try by default to start conversation in English (it is spoken at sufficient level by many people), if the person ...


So then, let's look to official statistics. Lithuania - According to the Lithuanian population census of 2001, about 84% of the country's population speak Lithuanian as their native language, 8.2% are native speakers of Russian and 5.8% of Polish. More than 60% are fluent in Russian, while only about 16% say they can speak English. Latvia - In the 2000 ...


Definitely not Ukrainian If you know Russian AND English you will be able to communicate with the vast majority of people. Now choosing the language to try first is a little bit tricky. I would say that with people who are definitely under 30 try English first. With people over 40 try Russian first. In Riga (not sure about the rest of Latvia) almost ...


In Russia, there are still a lot of people who don't understand English for good. Ukrainian language is better here, but also not perfect. In Baltic, Russian may be problematic inside youth. ">30" people mostly can to use this language. I think best choice is Russian language. English as a second.

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