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While it has been complicated and drawn out conflict, to my personal or following news knowledge "wrong" passport stamps had never been an issue in it. Anecdotally I am Ukrainian and transferred through airport in Moscow last year (security and everything), without as much as a bad look. It has been quite strange aspect of this conflict, that despite... ...


You can look more for more specific information then the Visa page from Timatic which is in use by the airlines: Admission and Transit Restrictions: Transit refused to holders of National ID Cards issued to nationals of Portugal. So passport is required for transit through Kiev.


According to this page, you still need a valid passport in order to transit Ukraine.


I spent the weekend in Kiev a few weeks ago and it was nothing like what I expected. Had it not been for the BBC coverage of the events with Russia I would not have had a clue that this was a country essentially at war. My only advice would be around currency. I could not for the life of me get currency at home (UK) and had to do it when I landed in Kiev. ...

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