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No, you won't need to recheck your bags at DXB. According to their website, they'll do that for you Passengers travelling from Emirates destinations will have their baggage checked through to their final destination. They will also receive their boarding pass for the flydubai sector.


In principle you shouldn't have to pass through immigration, and therefore the only thing that comes up is if you have valid ID to get on the flight in the first place.


You will need a 3-day transit visa. At present, this is the only way for westerners to enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as independent tourists. (Excluding a sub-18 hour air transit.) The visa must not be endorsed "Entry by air only". Unfortunately, I don't think this category of visa is open to you unless you are a resident in one of the Gulf Cooperation ...


There's no law that you require a passport (in date or otherwise) to leave the UK. It's simply up to the airline whether they wish to transport you to the destination. They will not transport you if they think you will be denied entry, because the airline gets fined for this.


You do not need to renew your passport or obtain an emergency travel document to travel from the US to the UK as a British Citizen. You will be admitted to the United Kingdom with your expired passport. Information as of 22JUN15 / 2124 UTC National United Kingdom (GB) /Residence USA (US) Embarkation USA (US) Destination United Kingdom (GB) United ...


This page on passport applications says that the six week turnround is for first time applicants, and that renewals take around three weeks. Assuming your passport is only recently expired you can usually renew it. I haven't checked if they will send a passport abroad. Yo may need a friendly Brit who will receive your passport and forward it, and you may ...


A couple of things here to be aware of. You are arriving in the Schengen area in Madrid and will have to clear Spanish / EU passports immigration in Madrid http://www.aena.es/csee/Satellite/Aeropuerto-Madrid-Barajas/en/Page/1237565045453//Arrivals.html This may mean a significant proportion of time waiting at immigration I would also reconfirm with ...

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