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It's been a while since I visited Cyprus. But I doubt things have gotten worse; There are only a few border crossings, but crossing the border is quite painless, though the setting might resemble crossing from East to West Berlin before German unification. Public transport, on both sides, was limited when I was there. It should be possible to take a rental ...


For Pakistan, British passports simply need to be valid for the period of intended stay. For those needing a visa the embassies (as opposed to Pakistani immigration) have stricter requirements, but for you only the rules of Pakistani immigration apply. And they only require it to be valid for the perod of stay.


It depends on when the summer school will actually be and up to when you need to attain the required visa. I can see one of the following options: Applying for the visa before you leave for Rome, hoping to get the passport back in time. Attempt to pay more for quicker processing If it doesn’t work, attempt to request it back Applying for the visa after ...


If you don't buy insurance through the rental car company, and have no coverage through travel insurance, credit cards, or your home auto insurance, then the only liability insurance you will have is the minimum coverage the rental car company must provide in most states. The minimum liability insurance you must have, by law, in Texas is detailed here, ...

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