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There isn't a passport check to get out of the country. The airline will generally check your passport to make sure you have permission to enter the destination (they have to bear the cost of returning you if you are refused entry) and the staff at security and boarding will normally check some form of Id matches your ticket - but mostly to make sure you ...


If I understood you correctly, you have been found ineligible for a visa. You are therefore not allowed to use the Visa Waiver Program anymore: If you have had a U.S. visa before or previously traveled to the United States under the VWP or another status, you must have complied with the conditions of previous admissions to the United States, and you must ...


You don't need a visa to enter Canada (reference) and the US will grant you entry for 90 days following their VWP (reference). Just make sure your passport is valid beyond those dates and you should be fine.


You can enter and leave wherever you want, as long as your journey makes sense and really includes France as its main destination. Formally, you don't need to show the embassy any ticket at all but the more you can provide, the better. At least explain your itinerary and include your tickets in and out of the area (so the ticket from Brussels to London), if ...


If you have an NFC-capable phone, you can get an app which scans a passport's chip. I've tested it successfully on my New Zealand passport. Even if the data is encrypted, at least you'll know it's scanning correctly. Android example: NPC Passport Reader


It can lead to complications. Arrive at Heathrow and use my British passport (born there) to skip the lines. But I am departing for another country with its business visa in my US passport (I live/work in the USA) They check my US passport to confirm the entry visa for destination but can't find a UK entry stamp. Look at me (I'm very white and nerdy) and ...


Having carefully completed on-line form, obtained photos in right format (did it myself but quite difficult), and double checked everything I sent it Royal Mail Special Delivery on 13 August 2014. Received back today 21 August 2014. Don't know if this is typical - have done it before which means they can refer back to previous visa number - but why pay an ...

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