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They never have said anything about our taking side trips that we didn't list on our visa applications (Trips we hadn't planned at the time of the application.) The application also only asks about your current trip--no matter how long your visa is good for. If you make another trip on the same visa there's nothing that even asks for your itinerary. We ...


As you are entering the USA for the explicit purpose of sightseeing, it would be hard to justify that as "transiting". And since you are driving between two cities that do not require passing through the USA, it again would be hard to justify your trip as "transiting". On the other hand if you were driving from Vancouver to Bellingham to catch the AMHS ...


No. "In transit" means e.g. you are flying from London via Chicago to Vancouver. So you are not really entering the USA.


Colombia has a law requiring dual nationals to enter Colombia with their Colombian passports: Nota: De conformidad con el Artículo 22 de la Ley 43 de 1993, el ciudadano colombiano que posea doble nacionalidad, en el territorio colombiano, se someterá a la Constitución Política y a las leyes de la República. En consecuencia, su ingreso y permanencia en ...


According to the Kurdistan Government's representation in Spain: Visitors wishing to extend their stay in the Kurdistan Region beyond a three month period must apply for a Card of Residence. Below is a general outline of the requirements for obtaining a residency card for an extended stay in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq: One will need a ...


HMPO have now included a little note along with the passport that says "the label on the back of your passport was used during the production process and can now be removed".

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