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There is unfortunately a very good chance of your visa application getting rejected. When you are denied entry to a country, the immigration officers do not usually place a stamp. But they do keep record of your information. In some cases, you will have the right to refuse to give your biometric data (finger prints for example), but your passport number, ...


As far as UAE is concerned, there is only one issue at hand - since you are not going to consume alcohol inside the UAE but on-board the aircraft; where they do not check your religion. If you appear publicly intoxicated, you are breaking the law. That's it. So, as long as you can "hold your liquor", you'll be fine. The problem is that "intoxicated" is ...


They do alcohol on Etihad Airways, the passenger's religion is irrelevant. As for passing by Passengers in transit through the UAE under the influence of alcohol may also be arrested. Foreign travel advice United Arab Emirates Under the influence of alcohol means A person is under the influence of alcohol when, as a result of drinking any amount ...


The fact that your spouse as a US visa has no impact on their eligibility for Dubai transit visa. What will determine eligibility is the citizenship; assuming your spouse has Afghani citizenship - they will need to apply in advance for a visa (even for transit). If you are flying Emirates, you can arrange a visa through them. For other airlines, marhaba ...


If you ever do have a situation where a visa stamp in your passport will preclude you from visiting another country, your passport agency will likely be fine with granting you a second passport. This happens not infrequently with US journalists--the US government issues them a second passport for what some call the "terrorism tour" countries. (The second ...


I can confirm Mark Mayo's experience. It is possible to travel to China with a UAE stamp in your passport. I base this on my own experience. I have two stamps from the UAE as well as several visas, both business and travel Visas from China in my passport and never experienced any problems at immigration in either of the two countries.


I've been to China with a UAE stamp in the same passport. No problem was raised. I don't particularly see why there would be a problem? China and the UAE have pretty good relations. So in answer to your question - yes, it IS possible to travel to China with a UAE stamp in your passport.


There are two desert trips that are typically offered: Morning only trips (~3-4 hours) Afternoon and evening trips (~5-6 hours) All trips usually consist of dune bashing (the driver will take the car through the sand dunes), dune boarding (strap on a snowboard and ride down a dune), and riding a camel. In addition to these items, the evening tours ...


I found the Deira Spice Souk very interesting. It's an easy metro ride from the airport. I considered picking up some gifts there for family, but ended up not doing so. If you have cooks in your family they might appreciate some of the unique spices offered here.

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