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Since your US flight is 20 days ahead, your luggage won't be checked through, and you won't be issued a boarding pass for the second flight yet, airline employees will let you through. In general airlines only care about not having to transport you back (and paying a hefty fine) in case you land into a country without a visa. Since you're a UAE residence ...


I will try to help you the best that I can, from my knowledge of the visa process and having successfully applied twice. However there are many circumstances that affect the visa process, and some countries are more accepting than others. 1.I have the NOC from the present employer (for 10 days leave), though I have just completed 3 months. Would this ...


The UAE is somewhat famous for banning VPNs -- but it's unclear whether that's only if you use them to commit illegal activities or whether even a company VPN is illegal which would be strange to say the least -- nonetheless, there is no ban on using encrypted communications to the best of my knowledge.

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