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Accprding to this map below, you can drive from Beijing to Tuva, passing through Ulanbaataar, Bulgan and Naryn. There does not seem to be a very well established access from the west such as from Urumuqi however. The place where I found the map has some more general information on traveling through Mongolia. I found also a much more detailed map.


You will end up paying quite alot to go by road because you will need to hire a driver/tour guide. The borders in these areas change their regulations too. There is/was a crossing into China which leads to a town called Barkol, and then onto Urumqi. Depending on who you ask, you need a Chinese tour agent hired to meet you at the China side if you are ...


Crossing the border by road does seem to be an option, but only at certain border crossing points. (The crossing specified by Google Maps, unfortunately, seems to be sandwiched between the two ones open to foreign nationals.) There are some reports that you can either get permission or "talk your way across" if you're feeling up to the task (and possible ...

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