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I ended up applying for the visa at the embassy in Tehran and picked it up 7 days later in Mashhad. A few points: it was not ready after six days it wasn't even ready on the morning of the 7th day, but after some phone calls from the guy at the consulate to Ashgabat, it was ready in the afternoon of the 7th day. You pay when picking up the visa, in my case ...


Wikitravel has a section on how to get there from Iran: To get to Ashgabat from Mashhad, it seems like the simplest option is: Take a bus to Quchan: every 2 hours from 6.30AM. Cost: 8000 rial. Duration: 2h30. From Quchan, take a private taxi to Bajgiran (village at the border). Cost: 60,000 rial for 2, or less if you can. Duration: about 1h. ...

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