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Times on flights are always given in the local time of the place the time refers to. (There may be exceptions to this but I'm not aware of any.) So, the first flight leaves Washington at 2310 Washington time (EST, GMT-5) and arrives in Istanbul at 1615 Istanbul time (EET, GMT+2). It is confusing that the ticket doesn't explicitly say that the arrival in ...


The date shown for each flight is the departure date, not the arrival date. Flight TK8 from Washington Dulles to Istanbul departs on February 10th at 23:10 (11:10pm) and arrives in Istanbul on February 11th at 16:15 (4:15pm). Flight TK740 from Istanbul to Islamabad (with a stop in Baku, Azerbaijan) departs on February 11th at 18:15 (6:15pm) and arrives in ...


Here's how that flight looks on the Turkish airlines web site: It will leave late tonight (Washington time), and then land in and leave Istanbul on afternoon/evening of the 11th (Istanbul time) and then arrive in Pakistan at about 5am Pakistan time. But that will the be the 12th. Does that make more sense to you?


If you want to avoid going through Russia, that's a unique challenge. You can try the Turkey-Iran-Pakistan-India route as described here. It's very detailed; your challenges might be getting the right visas and the Iran-Pakistan border. Or you can take a more northern route. Let's look at the ...

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