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The place called IUGO and it was at the Ataturk Airport, Arrival Terminal. We rented a wifi modem and paid tptal of 29 Euro per 5 days.


Kosovo: Based on the list "Who doesn't need a visa" from the Kosovo Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you do indeed need a visa as an Indian citizen. Based on this QA website linked to by the Kosovo MOFA, it seems you can arrange to mail your passport to one of the visa issuing locations. Based on the "Visa application procedure" page, there is no requirement ...


Although not unheard of, it is quite uncommon that ATM operators charge you for using foreign credit or debit cards and after using several different ATMs in Turkey, I've never experienced that Turkish ATM operators do so. Your bank however (Sydbank) charge 2% of the amount, minimum 50 DKK for cash withdrawals abroad. I don't understand why your bank ...


This recent post from The Istanbul Guide website mentions a few general-purpose apps including: Trafi Türkiye (Free, English and Turkish, iOS and Android) Working with real time data and timetables, this app pretty much unlocks the wondrous world of Istanbul's public transport. This well designed and easy to use public transport map gets you from A ...


Visa Information For Foreigners says You are kindly advised to have a travel document/passport valid for at least 6 months as from the date of your arrival in Turkey. On the other hand, http://www.redfern-travel.com/about/news/travel-news/792-turkey-change-to-passport-validity-requirements-as-of-01-january-2015 it seems new measures are in place since ...


There are many options about going to Cappadocia. You can find flight tickets, bus tickets, train tickets.But the easiest one is flying to Cappadocia via Istanbul.In Turkey it is not difficult to go touristic places like Cappadocia, Izmir, Antalya, Pamukkale. For more information: http://www.cappadociacity.com/how-to-go-to-cappadocia.html


We have rented a Wifi modem from a company called Iugo at Istanbul airport. During our visit in Istanbul, we connect our 3 phones to that device and use internet. It was fast and had unlimited internet.

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