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I'm from Turkey and I live in İstanbul for 10 years, I will gladly answer that.. Will restaurants be closed during the day? As far as I can see, this depends on the location. In some small and conservative cities, most of the restaurants will be closed until Iftar (or some of them closed all day long). In İstanbul, most of them will be open during the ...


No you don't need a transit visa, provided you have proof of onward travel and remain in Azerbaijan for less than 72h. However, make sure you don't need to transfer terminals at Baku airport, because then you'll need a visa. TWOV (Transit Without Visa): - Holders of onward tickets for a max. transit time of 72 hours. - Stateless persons and refugees ...


My wife and I were in Istanbul last January. At the Istanbul Ataturk Airport there were 3 stores who sells simcard. The prices are almost same 80 Turkish Lira for just simcard. But they are overcrowded. We finally rent a mobile hotspot from "iugo gadgets for rent" at the arrival terminal. We paid total of 40 Euros for 7 days. The mobile hotspot had ...


Metro Turizm runs two direct buses a day. Lüks Karadeniz runs one bus a day. It seems like both leave from the central Ortachala bus station. It's helpful to know Tbilisi (Gerogria) = Tiflis (Gürcistan) in Turkish for their search fields.


Turkey and Armenia have strained relations for somewhat obvious reasons, but it's not on the same level as, say, Israel and the Arab world. There have even been faltering moves in the last decade to try to heal the rift and ease towards increased trade, and where these have fallen down, it's been as much to do with pressure on Turkey from Azerbaijan ...


The information you found refers to holders of a valid visa of Ireland, US, UK or Schengen area. If you only have a Russian and Malaysian visa, then you need to apply for a regular Turkish visa. More detailed info is provided in this Q&A


A visa is "valid" only for the period stated on the visa itself. It is not valid before the specified start date, nor valid after the specified end date. If you could use a Schengen visa outside it's valid period, then anyone with an expired Schengen visa in their passport could also apply for an eVisa and enter the country.

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