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One of the other answers noted that bags will sometimes be gate-checked. In my experience, a bag that is obviously small enough to fit under the seat in front of you will never be gate-checked. Airline under-seat measurements vary, as noted, but the folks at seem to have done quite a lot of under-seat measurements. (In-cabin pets must be put ...


eBags provides a reasonably thorough chart of US domestic airlines and their carry-on size limits. Without knowing which airline you're using, there's no way to provide an absolute answer, but you can get a general feel this way. Also note that just because you're permitted a bag in your carry-on allowance does not alone guarantee that you'll be permitted ...


It would help to know which airline you will be taking as the allowed bag size is airline dependant. Anyway, I have found a page where you can spot the allowed bag size and weight for a lot of airline companies :

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