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I am not sure about the permitted degree of the liquid. but if the cooled material used(even its quantity may be less but the chemical used to give cooling air, is got noted during the scan) in the Fury X is got more possibility of being checked by the security and even you are ready to pay the 8% VAT.it can happen if they allowed you keep, else you need to ...


You're proposing to bring this device through a security checkpoint: The more interesting question is, will they even realize that it contains liquid? Seems doubtful to me, simply because it doesn't look anything like a water bottle. Chances are it'll go right through without comment. But based solely on the device's construction I would not want to ...


Considering that laptops and smartphones are allowed, both containing GPUs, I really doubt that taking a graphics card as carry-on would be an issue.


I have taken robots the size and shape of a soda can on a carry on that look far "scarier" than a graphics card (gpu is the chip), and no one batted an eye.


Also I would look into shipping them to your home in Switzerland... Extra Cost vs Fear of getting them confiscated. Especially if after shipping they are still cheaper than what you would pay in your home country.


Building on Calchas' comment, my coworkers and I have carried large, odd-looking electronic research equipment onto international flights on numerous occasions, on different airlines, departing from and passing through different airports. We have never had a problem. Usually, bags containing such equipment are given extra screening; security will pull us ...


keeping them sealed in the original packaging might help too, with receipt and original packaging it is easy to explain what it does if the question arises.


There's no mention of electronic boards etc in the TSA prohibited items list. So provided they aren't so heavy as to be a potential "blunt instrument" weapon, you should be ok. If they're in original packaging, that might help. Of course, they don't have to let any items through, restricted list or not. You may also wish to check the website of your ...


It is fairly trivial to open zips with a ballpoint pen and even close them later without any visible trace like shown in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5mvvZl6pLI This zip a grip thing would not be very helpful against a determined person

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