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You can see from the photos that they are long exposures, which will make the "bugs" look a lot brighter than they will appear to the naked eye. Mission Bay, San Diego, CA Torrey Pines Beach, San Diego, CA It will be seen all along the west coast, but only when there's a "red tide".


I've seen this in Byron Bay, Australia, it wasn't quite as pronounced as those photos make it out to be if I recall correctly. It's amazing though, as you swim through the water the glowing intensifies as you move through it.


Yep, it's real. This wiki article corresponds with the information you have, and searching the island name itself pulls up lots of information about the destination in mind for you: Vaadhoo (Raa Atoll) Vaadhoo island is famous for the 'sea of stars.' This marine bioluminescence is generated by phytoplankton known as dinoflagellates. Woodland Hastings ...


remember that sauna is a controlled environment. heat, humidity, activity etc. is different in african dessert. It would be better if you will train yourself in outdoor endurance activities such as running, biking.

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