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I tried the sauna idea myself before moving from the northern hemisphere (in the middle of winter) to the equator. There was no 'control' in that experiment, so I can't clearly say whether it worked or not. But another aspect of this is psychological. What seems unpleasant or normal depends on what you are used to. The strain of ...


TL;DR -> No, not really On the plus side, a sauna can get you accustomed to sweat. But a typical sauna session of 20 - 30 minutes will not include the activities you would undertake in a visit to Africa. It's also not the same kind of sweat you get in a tropical environment. Some evidence for acclimation is given by examining how the military trains ...


I don't know anything about preparing yourself or the physiology of it all but I can tell you that a sauna does not feel like a typical tropical climate at all. Of course, “tropics” is quite vague and covers many different areas but many places in Africa or South-East Asia are also very wet and, from experience, it's not like a sauna (which is very dry).


while it is possible to train yourself to endure harsh climatic conditions(such as cold or heat), is not something easily accomplish, as Lewis mentions first of all you have to be on a place where there is enough room for move or emulate your activities there not just sitting, also it is a process that takes much time(not a month or two more like some years) ...

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