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I recommend to visit http://incatrailmachupicchu.org/ here you can find many alternatives of Inca Trail... Is necessary booked the inca trail 3 or more months before the trip because there are only 500 spaces per day. Good trip :)


Most of these are answered in the Daisetsuzan Guide and Wikivoyage. Briefly: April is too early, there will be snow on the ground and average temps are below zero. Most facilities are closed or unmanned until June. The only English-language map I'm aware of is in Lonely Planet's Hiking in Japan, and it's not very detailed. Sapporo has lots of hiking ...


There are many alternatives to get Machu Picchu. Starting with Classic Inca Trail 4 days, Short Inca Trail 2 days these two routes has several archaeological sites on the route and beautiful landscape. On the other hand the alternative routes they don't have archaeological sites on the route however have beautiful views across the valley, snowy mountains. ...

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