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Good idea to check with your hotel receptionist about where to find the nearest railway ticket agency if you live in a hotel in China which is allowed to host foreigners.


The excellent answer by @PeterHahndorf has inspired me for a viable solution: The ticket office in the picture he provides reads "火车票代售点" i.e. railway ticket selling point. Searching for this (the Chinese phrase!) on baidu maps gives a good selection of such offices, including the one I had found. Screenshot of searching for "火车票代售点" in ...


I don't know about an online resource for these places, but I actually found them pretty easy to find in bigger cities. While walking around I often saw them, even randomly in Shanghai. What I would do is, copy this photo onto your phone and then show it to locals, or even better your hotel reception. Even without speaking any English, people were always ...

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