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I can recommend They have a scooter rentals in all Spain and other countries and prices are very good


The fastest way is to start at Taganga which is just North-East of Santa Marta and take a boat that drops you at the docks on Cabo beach. The trip takes just under one hour and officials are waiting there to collect the park fee and check your bags for forbidden items. Once past that, you are in and already on a beautiful beach. It takes 20-30 mins to walk ...


Bali & its old-fashioned transports Bali is really terrible for transportation. Everything is pretty great in Bali, except transportation. Public transportation is almost non-existing & taxis often (always?) try to trick tourists. Taxi gangs are everywhere in Bali. They even have "territories" in some areas. Which means only taxis from the "taxi ...


ATAC (the company responsible for public transport in Rome) publish PDF maps showing bus lines for the entire city and in the centre. The first of these will require either a rather large sheet of paper or very good eyesight if you're going to print the whole thing :-). There's also a separate map for night buses. While the routes are accurate as far as I ...


Moovit in the 4.0 announcement: Offline Support: Temporarily lost internet connection? No problem. Moovit stores any planned trip, including all of its directions and line information, maps and schedules for easy offline access when you need it.


In Rodadero (tourist town 1km from Santa Marta), there are tours that go to Tayrona park, and cost around 10~15USD per person (YMVV, if you bargain you could get better prices).


Airport Düsseldorf, Germany: Skytrain. It is not a car but similar to Previous answers. Skytrain


There's one driverless bus system to be launched in the old city area of Sion in Switzerland. It is currently being tested and will be opened for free to the public in spring 2016 for a 2 year testing period. The area in question is a mostly car-free pedestrian area, but I am sure that the interaction of the bus with the quite crowded pedestrian area is ...

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