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I have been searching a lot, and seems like there is no direct route from Tarapoto to Chachapoyas. Your best choice is what you already read. Take a local taxi┬╣ or a minivan to Pedro Ruiz (In the link you will find a place where you can rest and see more of the native landscape such as a waterfalls,etc) it's like a 3 hours trip and when you arrive you have ...


1) Yes, Vueling transfer the luggage automatically for connecting flights according to question 7 in their customer service FAQ. 2) Yes, you should be able to get out of the airport and into the city. (You could do this even without a multi-entry Schengen visa, as you're not leaving Schengen in going from Italy to Spain.) All of those transport methods work,...


If you're going on a weekday (Monday through Friday and not a holiday), you could take the Bustang North Line commuter bus service. See my answer on Getting from Denver Amtrak to Fort Collins for details. For instance, there is a bus leaving downtown Fort Collins at 5:40 AM and arriving at Union Station at 7:05 AM. You can also catch it at I-25 and ...


The rules will be the same as for any other kind of pleasure craft, such as yachts. I would suspect that with a craft that small, it would need to be accompanied by a support boat, and so the rider would be treated as part of the crew of the support boat (I believe this is how it is done with cross-channel swimmers etc - obviously they cannot carry their ...


Uber is now available in Rio, so you can use them instead. Receipts are automatically sent out by email and are also available online for future downloading:


There is a train connection (RER B) between the different terminals. Assuming you gathered everything, it should take you about 15min to find it and travel through. See here the links to CDG accomodations and below an image that sums it up.

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