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There's an all day (and night) bus (97) service with, as far as I can see a stop at uOttawa (Nicholas st. and Laurier st.) There are also taxi service at the airport. and there's also Uber.


Train ticket ~see on what are the chances to get tatkal ticket [ opens day before the train departs from the 1st Station [ from where train starts ] ~see for premium tatkal availability # Book innova or something to reach there by having a stay during night time somewhere midway or share a ride using blah blah or similar sites


You should definitely try blablacar (, as pointed out by mts (sorry I cannot comment yet!). It is very used in the Vallée du Rhône, I'm sure you will find a friendly driver. If you don't find your route directly on the website, try broadening the start/finish of your trip by looking on a map. I use a lot blablacar as a driver, ...

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