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It is possible to apply for a Tourist Visa for Thailand at Thai Embassies other than your home country, however when applying abroad the embassy may require more documentation of your intent, such as planned itineraries, bookings for accommodations, etc. Too many folks have been scamming the system to live in Thailand without proper long term visas. In ...


Besides taking the train as @Karlson points out, there are also multiple daily connections by minivan between Yerevan and Tbilisi. I think this took about 7 hours last time I did the journey. Then, from Tbilisi there are trains and busses that can take you to Batumi. I seem to remember there are overnight trains, but a bus is much faster. I don't remember ...


Jadrolinija (http://www.jadrolinija.hr/) the main ferry provider in Croatia only runs Korcula to Dubrovnik June - September. If you go to the link above, the first field is date, the second is port of origin and third field is port where you want to go. If you select a date in Oct you will notice Dubrovnik is no longer an option. However Kapetan Luka ...


By bus Bus from Dubrovnik to Budva (3 hours) Bus from Budva to Ulcinj (1.5 hour) Bus from Ulchinj to Tirana (3.5 hours) By Ferry From Dubrovnik to Bari From Bari to Durres Bus from Durres to Tirana Or Just rent a car


There are two options for ferries from Dubrovnik to KorĨula: You probably have found the time table from Jadrolinija. You are right that they currently don't run their ferry off-season, but only until end of September. But even until end of September, the ferry runs only twice a week, on Thursday and Sunday. October 1st is a Wednesday. The second ferry ...


Rome2Rio says the only sane option is to the fly, and has direct tickets from $140. A bus would take at least 13 hours, with trains clocking in at 17+ hours, with very limited service (once a day or less).


You'll want to see the post @Karlson linked to in his comment for all about how to get from Nice to Monaco/Monte Carlo by bus or see sncf for a train connection. In order to travel onwards to Venice you might look at going by train - since all the high speed trains seem to have been abolished on the eastwards leg from Monaco you'll have to go to Ventimiglia ...

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